Wednesday 24 April 2024

Still Dreaming

Sock knitting is progressing and I am approaching readiness to sew.  I am still in the thinking stage, which is nice because some other stuff is moving past the thinking stage into the how to do a thing stage.  

I have been planning of working on my miniature house again.  Not the house precisely.  The garden. I have been dreaming and thinking about a miniature garden since forever.  I have the books to prove it.  

Lots of good ideas long before I learned to knit.  The Embroidered Garden by Owen Davies.    Once I started knitting, there was lots of support.  

Hannelore Wernhard's The Knitted Farmyard and Jan Messent's Knitted Farmyard and lastly

the Mini Knitted Farmyard by Sachiyo Ishi

My mini house is in a cabinet  and it has a fairly thick base.  It is up on a table so I can work on it easily and for a long time, the table was going to be all the space I could use for a garden.  Recently, with all the moving and sorting I have been doing, I managed to find a bit more room.    

Since then I have been planning and figuring out how to get what I wanted out of the space I have and my head is full of plans.  I have been preparing by watching all sorts of youtube videos about all sorts of weird model making techniques.  So much to learn.  

Today is not the day to do though.  Today is the day to get my sewing in order.  The room is ready.  The repair pile is all done.  And it is time to put pattern and fabric together.  

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