Friday 14 June 2024

Joys and Frustrations

Thursday is mail day.  This is by long standing tradition here on the Canadian prairie.  It is how we do it and I had mail!

Cassie wants to sew something and so I ordered fabric to suit.  It took a bit of a search.  If you want anything just a wee bit different than average, here in Canada, you have to go looking for specialty.  I had to find a fashion fabric retailer.  

My usual online vendor is great but its selection of 4 way stretch fabric is dismal.  Only swimming or skating type fabrics were available and that sort of thing would not do what Cassie wanted.  Plus its slippery nature would make it a very difficult sew for a competent beginner.

Once I found a place with the fabric Cassie and I desired, we ordered and mail day!  It arrived.  

I had to laugh.  The whole thing was wrapped in packing tape.  Every single bit covered.  I get that.  This package was not going to be caught on a machine and ripped open and the goods damaged beyond use.  I get that, but it reminds me of Christmas past and sneaky, snoopy little boys birthday gifts and the struggle to keep things a secret. This feels just like that too.

I was a little worried about cutting the package open till I saw it.   

One wee corner was not sealed below the impermeable packaging.  The fabric is going to be perfect and knit though it is, will be manageable for her skill set.  They sent a catalogue of what they normally stock and sent a really nice pile of samples...

which makes me desire to order all kinds of things.

No.  I have enough.  I am going to go dig in fabric this morning to remind myself that this is the truth and to find suitable fabric for the skirt I am trying to make. There isn't enough of the fabric I picked out initially.  I have tried every way I could of laying out the pattern but nope.  It will not work.  I need a bigger piece of fabric.  The really frustrating thing is that it isn't short by much.  

Between joy and frustration with fabric, knitting was great.  I managed to get the Tolsta Tee down to under the arms, so I am officially a third done.  Ish.  On a short sleeved top it may be more than a third.  

It is starting to look like a good serviceable tee too.  I love this part of a knit  It always feels like the hard part is done and I can settle in and just enjoy going around the circle. The 6 and 2 stripe doesn't feel as natural to me as a 7 and 3 stripe but it looks really well balanced and proportional. 

I am off the play in fabric and yarn and string.  Time for the second cup of coffee too.  That first one went down really easy.  The day looks good and I hope the lords of sewing are rooting for me today.  Wish me luck.

Thursday 13 June 2024

When Good Knits Go Bad

By lunchtime yesterday I felt I had cowered in the cold long enough. I was warm enough on the outside but shawl or not, I couldn't stop the feeling of a chill down my back.  I pulled out one of my favourite knits ** which I have not worn all spring.

It had a problem.  The last time I wore it, I think it got caught a couple times on a sticking out catchy bit on one of the dishwasher trays.  Time for a good fix.

I had to pull out a few rows   

but that was easy enough.  Except for the weaving in end from the original knit.  I am apparently very good at hiding the woven in ends and it made for an interesting rip back.  Eventually I got it and pulled back enough for the edge to be redone firmly and

here we are.  Fixed and wearable.  The repaired cuff is three rows shorter than the other side but that will do.  The sleeves are plenty long and nobody will notice but me. I had hoped for a two row repair, but it was not to be.  And so it goes.  

I put it on and put on the pretty summer shawl with it and was cozy all the rest of the day.

In other big news, I just finished putting the sleeve stitches on a holder on the second Tolsta.  I am utterly thrilled!

**They are all my favourite knits.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Keeping the Chill Off, the Summer Series

 I was  hoping to show you the second Tolsta Tee this morning but it lied.  I need to knit another stripe repeat before I can split for sleeves.  Gauge and measuring tapes lie.

Since it is cool and wet today (Hooray.  We are so dry here that our sump has only run three times this year.  In a normal year it would have run 6 - 8 times a day) I will show you how I keep off the chill down my back, the summer series.

The shawl I am wearing today is one of my least worn shawls.  It is also one of my loveliest shawls.  

It is a triangular shawl knit with a little pea type motif and a bit of a border out of 2 skeins of Arucania Ruca, a yarn made of sugar cane.  I have not worn it much because like all yarns made in a way similar to rayon, it is cool to the touch and light as a feather to wear.  Till recently,  with the advent of proper meds, I have been cold from the inside and cool fibres were not my thing.  But it is lovely and silky and slinky and it works well on warmer days.  All I need is a bit of a something to pull the collar on my sweater a bit closer to my neck and I am warm.

If I wasn't wearing this shawl, I would be wearing this one.  Again.

This is my  Holden Shawl knit in Drops Lin an sadly discontinues heavier weight linen.  Or lighter spun?  It is loftier than most linen yarns but it is delicious to work with and wear.  I knit this in 2012 and it is still one of my favourite things to wear on hot summer days when I just need a little something over the back of my neck. If they still made Drops Lin, I would have masses of it in stash.

Or I might be wearing this.

This is my Bitterroot Shawl, a very early design by Romi Hill found in  my forever favourite Knitty.  Spend some time going over the many favourite designs by so many people.  And then go knit a Bitterroot because you must.  I knit this in Handmaiden Flaxen and it explains why I have so much other yarn by  Fleece Artist and Handmaiden in my stash.  There are no words to say about how lovely this yarn is. 

It is a little to chilly for this one, but it is another thing that gets a lot of wear in warmer temps.   

The Winter Windows Silk Scarf by Margaret Radcliffe from Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders.  I knit it in Drops Silke Tweed, a silk and Wool blend that I dearly love and miss.

And the last one that gets a lot of summer wear is this one.  It gets a lot of wear in winter too, because I just love this pretty thing. 

It is a Multnomah Shawl which is out there on the internet somewhere, but I knit it way back in the dawn of time from one of my very first Zauberballs.  I have knit the pattern a few time since and I still enjoy making it.

Some shawls I like for fibre content, some for size and the way they sit and some just because they remind me of happy things.  I don't wear them draped for a phot shoot.  I wear them in a more practical way, draped for warmth and coziness where I need it, on my upper back.  They may not look so pretty, tied at the front or pinned there as they most often are, but I love my shawls and I want them to snuggle into and remember.  There was a lot of joy knit into them and I treasure that.