Thursday, 14 October 2021

Just silly!

Very desultory knitting the last few days.  

I have about 8 rounds on my restarted Ursina sweater to show for it and that is all.  I am in full getting ready for company mode.  I can't wait to have Carter come to visit me.  I just can't wait.  

I was so excited that I could hardly sleep last night, which just goes to show you.  I had to talk myself down from it.  It is just the silliest thing.  

There will be much more on knitting next week.  Much more on sewing too.  But for today, what is special and important is a visist from one of my special boys.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021


And there it is.  Carter will be warm this winter!

Cutest little hat that you ever did see!

I really love this hat from a Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns from Ann Budd.  It's such a great basic recipe book for so many little things.  It allows you to sit in the drivers seat and do your own colours, your own colour work, your own stripes, whatever it is that you want and gives you the spiffiest way to cast off the top of a hat ever.  Great hats for great kids.

Or there will be great hats mitts and sweaters for the kids, as soon as grandma weaves in all the ends, fixes one pocket and puts buttons on things.

Monday, 11 October 2021

All the small things

So, as I thought, I am going to have to pull back my Ursina and restart. 

I tried it on and it fits closely and that is not what I wanted.  I was looking for a fit more like the pattern.  Somewhere between too little ease and too much is is where I am aiming so...

That meant I needed to put it aside and to pay attention and knit on what is more urgent.  So I did.

I finished up my wee Gramps.  If you need a sweater for every person (12 sizes included) kids and up, do consider this.  It is just a great pattern.

Just ends to sew in and buttons, but that is all sorted and ready to go.  And then I did start a hat for Carter from the leftovers from the sweaters, but I just couldn't force myself to knit with the acrylic.  It is so much harder on my hands.  I just end up feeling cramped and sore after a couple hours particularly on things with small dimensions like hats and mitts. 

I set the hat aside to rest my hands and started the little fingerless mittens just like I made for Marcus.

I kind of enjoyed that.  I definitely enjoyed the wool.  Just ends to sew in here. 

There was all this wool left and I was still struggling with the acrylic yarn.  I wondered how to make a sort of matching hat.  I didn't have much gray left though, but there was lots of the other colours.

I don't want to make it too fancy.  It's for a male and guys, even boys usually like things that are not too fancy.  I opted for a plain 1 x 1 rib.  That way, no matter what size his head is, it will fit well.  And stripes are the thing, wide 12 row coloured stripes with 4 rows of the gray between.  After the first break of gray, I knew that I was not going to have enough gray for 4 rows between each other colour so I put the second set back to 2 rows.  Oh well.  

I'm going to knit to that perfect length, where you can fold back the brim to get double warm on your ears and long enough to hold in your warm on top.  And that ought to take just about all of the yarn.  

Which is always the nicest thing of all.  Well, besides cozy warm grandchildren in warm handmade hats.    

It was a weekend of all the small things and now this week, I will be busy getting ready for my special visit from Carter.  I am excited, silly goofy excited!