Friday, 14 December 2018

Winning the Day

First goal of the day:  Find pants.  

Second goal of the day:  Put them on.

I won the day before I got dressed.  And to think, I do not see myself as goal oriented at all.  Ha. Putting on pants is a big step in starting the day and is really a pretty big deal.  But seriously...

Knitting is going along famously. It's boring as all get out, but it is going along.  I have opted to work only on the striped project the last few days, just to get it done.  There is a big graft on this and the purple one and since they are gifts, there is a deadline. 

Boy this is a bad photo of this pretty green. Still you can see the colour change in the last section and that means I am on the last little gradient bit.  Once the gradient is done, whatever brown is left is simply knit till the scarf is long enough to wrap it twice around your neck and it is time for the graft. 

So almost done.  All in all it's a pretty good start to my day.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

As sweet as things are...

No matter how sweet  things are, no matter how dark things are, life goes on around us willy nilly.  I found out today that very good longtime friend has cancer.  She isn't the only one among the people  know, but she is the nearest and most dear.  I've been out of touch for a while with her, through no fault of either of ours, more just that time gets away from us if we are not careful.  I guess I wasn't careful enough.

Once Brian and I knew what he was facing, he made a point to say 'Today, I have exactly the same chance as any other person on the earth of dying'  Occasionally he added, 'more so than the people walking across the corner at 170th Street'.   And he was absolutely right for most of his short illness and that statement meant more to me than he ever knew. It  bolstered me in all the ways I needed bolstering and shored me up when I wavered.

So that is what I will hold on to again.  Exactly the same chance as anybody else.   I pray that her outlook is ultimately a good one.  I would like to keep her here longer just to go to lunch with again or to have coffee with.

Meanwhile, life goes on around us willy nilly and that is how it is supposed to be.

Trees, trees

A Christmas tree post today.  My knitting is boring and I'm pretty tired mentally, when I get home.  I don't seem to have the energy to get around to posting.  What I really need is a good dig in my stash to enliven my brain.

My bigger tree.  Its really not that big.  If pushed, even I with my 5 feet nothingness can still put the topper on.  It looks naked to me.  I didn't get the icicles on yet and they make such a difference, turning a well lit tree into a cascading wonder of twinkling lights.  Like lights, more icicles is better.

And my pretty little pencil tree.  This is the first time this has been up in a few years.  It's in a bit of a nook just at the entrance to the public space I share with the roomie, aka, the landlord, aka, son 2 or Keith. He says I am pushing it, putting it here.  Scrooge.  Burt I like it.

My favourite way to look at the trees is in the dark.  Both trees currently only have clear lights, but The red and white tree really needs some red lights and the big tree needs some gold lights, or blue lights, or maybe green lights.

But at night with all the house lights out is my favourite way of tree watching.  I put my tv to the fireplace channel and sit and just look at trees and listen to the crackle of it before I go to bed.  Some evenings it is capped off with a small glass of port or sherry just to seal that this is indeed a special time of year.

Those long lights sparkling across the floor remind me of my very young childhood and Christmas long past.  Christmas of doll houses and barns and furniture and tiny plastic bales of hay.  And how what regular people called chocolate macaroons became cow pies in my family.  

Monday, 10 December 2018

Saturday work.

I had lots to do on Saturday.  Besides starting a big clean, I knit.  I knit a lot.

I knit several inches on the body, getting well last the last increase round and then I had a decision to make.  Do I want a split hem or just keep on doing it in the round.  

There are several good reasons for doing it in the round.  It's fast to knit, always doing the same thing, zipping along like nobody's business. Ribbing at the bottom and then done.  There are reasons to not do this.  It gets a little bit boring.  There are a lot of stitches on the needles and without the increases to watch for, it can take forever to get anywhere.  

I opted for a split.

It is far too easy to stop a sweater too soon because I am bored to tears with that wall of stockinette.  Even on a nice project.  Even with a nice yarn.  Somewhere about row 732 or 955, I just cannot will myself to go on.  So I quit and live with something less than I hoped for.

I like this too much to have it happen here.  Splitting the hem at the side ribbing sections, seemed like the wise thing to do.  Last time I measured, I was at 4 inches.  I am hoping for 6 minimum before I start the ribbing.  This ribbing section will be about the same long as the shoulder saddle is wide.

Tomorrow back to playing with my kiddies.  Kind of looking forward to it.  Hoping nobody get sick again.