Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Drizzle and White

As much as my excitement is all about the Ffiesland blanket, my actual knitting has to be about all the rest of the things.  I still want to finish up some of the projects that spill out from my WIP bins. I am being good about it and i am working on those.

One to be specific.  Working on one, my big Shetland Shawl.  And it is big.  I am starting to get a real feel for just how big it is now that I am nearing the second corner.  This thing is massive.  End to end, it psreads beyond my reach.  I can't tell yet how big it is across corners but I do know that not knowing is probably protective.  

I have just started to do the corner work where I have more edging rows than stitches taken from the shawl.  All along on the flat sides, you take off one stitch for every two rows of edging but to make my straight lace edging go nicely around the corners, I need more.  Over and above the usual, I am knitting extra edging rows by 2s and then 3s into one stitch from the shawl. It is like a waltz, certainly like music of some kind.  121221232333   It's a technique described best in Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia.  It worked beautufully around the first corner  

and with my notes from Rav and a bit of care to do it all again, will keep looking beautiful.  

It is raining here this morning and the current forecast for tonight is snow.  You would think this would make me sad but it am so happy about it.  Snow at this time of the year adds a little extra something to the soil, but this year, I hope we get lots, simply because we are so dry.  It is so dry that the spring this house sits on top of is barely running.  Spring usually means the sump pump runs every hour once the ground is fully thawed and it slows over summer, but this year, this spring it is running only two or three times a day.  I am actually listening for it and kind of missing the hum of it.  We are very very dry here and I pray for rain daily.  

With rain comes cooler weather, and cooler weather means winter sweaters and layers of shawls.      

Monday, 17 May 2021

Well Begun

On Friday, I took a monumental step.  

I started a new project, as dear to me as anything I have done.  

I started my Friesland blanket (Jenise Hope) with the yarn that Marcus picked all by himself, for my birthday.  

It took me a few starts to get going right.  I started on five needles but that was too much trouble to track increases.  I restarted on one needle per side and though seven needles feels like a lot of needles, it was much easier to  manage.

This isn't a difficult knit if you break it down into little bite size pieces, as each section and each motif naturally are.   

What it is, is a very intense knit.  It was an exciting feeling, getting the stitches in each segment, increasing every second row, colour work on every row, but I found that the continuous watch to get everything just so, took a toll.  It was and is wonderful, but it isn't going to be something I can knit on for hours a day.  

I am really pleased with the way it looks so far.  She gives excellent notes for the little tricks to make it happen easier and I am following her suggestions but I am also doing a few things, a few tricks of my own.  

I decided that because of each motifs construction, that it would be a great time to learn to hold both yarns in one hand. I am not a hundred percent sure, but I think holding them this way is helping keep both yarns tensions more even particularly here at the small diameter start.   

The other thing I am doing different is that I am not doing quite the same increase.  She uses a m1l and m1r  increase but because this is acrylic yarn I was very concerned about what  I can only refer to as humping.  It is so easy to have happen on a project knitted with acrylic.  You can't block out a too tight knit center and it destroys the way the whole thing looks.  

I am using an ewrap increase that puts no tension on the stitches in the row below but looks exactly like the m1 increases in your knitting.  I have played with this increase and have found that there are some places it works well and others where it works less well.  In a place where too tight stitches can happen it is perfect.  In the middle of easy knitting, it is too much ease in the yarn and leaves holes that show up in time.

Anyway, it is intense and glorious and exciting and as stimulating as can be.  And I will enjoy and revel in every single minute of knitting this, even if the whole thing takes forever.

Friday, 14 May 2021

Happy Friday.

I did knit yesterday, but i have to tell you, it sure doesn't look like much.  One measly inch past the underarm. 

It felt like I knit forever and I know that I really did spend a lot of the day knitting.  It just doesn't look like much.  However, it is a good point for a try on so that will happen sometime today.  

The only other thing I have to tell you of note is that some of my time is going to be spent today sorting out my giant acylic box.  I would really like to get that sorted.  There are bits and ends and leftovers, and then the yarn I bought for my own blanket and it is time to get that in order.  I do not need that giant box sitting taking up all my floor.

But otherwise happy Friday!

It is also forty one years today since I became a mom. By this time of day, I had been a mom for one hour.  My first go at motherhood didn't always feel like a success, but you know what? When I look at him now, I am so so very proud of  him.  Happy Birthday Son 1.