Monday, 20 March 2023

A Tiny bit of normal

I did the smallest bit of knitting today.  

I thought about starting with something small, but my heart wanted to give something different a shot.  I pulled out my sweater.

I knit precisely two rows through the day but it felt very normal.  It was only as I got near the end of each row that my hands started feeling anything at all, and it wasn't pain.  I could just feel the smallest bit of almost tingling but more as if they were just tired.  So very close but not where it needs to be too pick up and knit.  It is close and that is delightful.  

So, the puzzle still goes on.  It is a real challenge and it has become a pleasure again because it finally feels like it will be done someday and that someday is going to be soon.  I was working on the green areas between pieces this evening and almost before I knew it, it was well past my normal time to start my evening routine. 

In between I baked buns which I haven't done in a good long while.  And then I had a really nice chat with my mom, who is preparing to move into an assisted living facility.  It was a good day and I hope to repeat it tomorrow, especially the good day part.

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Busy busy, busy.

Keith and I worked a fair bit on the puzzle today and I am pleased to say that only the hard parts are left.  hahaha.  

I worked on the green jungle sky and Keith worked on the water.  After that we watched the F1 race in Saudi Arabia.  It was though this I was introduced to the the  Arabic and Egyptian treat, Umm Ali, by Carlos Sainz.

It sounds delicious and I may have to try it.  I love deserts like this.  Plus, it was a really enjoyable race weekend, with exciting qualifying, really enjoyable F2 races, and the Grand Prix.  It's just wonderful that the season has begun.  My weekends are much improved.

Once the race was underway and those couple exciting first laps had been established, I picked up the blanket and knit a row. 

Just a row.  I did not want to push to far and by the end, my hand was feeling as if I had knit for a couple hours.  Time for a break.

After the race I worked on the puzzle again and whiled away the afternoon.  I am feeling better that the thing will be done before I grow too much older.  

After supper, I hit youtube and enjoyed some of my favourite knitting vlogs, Finnish Knitting Stories and Cosy Up Knits.  I have a few more to catch up on too, but I am leaving those for tomorrow.  It has been hard to watch the vlogs lately because I can't knit along.  I felt just a wee bit jealous if I am honest,  but tonight, while I was watching, I did this.   

It is the toe of a second sock from a ball of one of Kory's lovely sock yarns and a ball of plain charcoal or black.  Two ridges were done in the afternoon and the rest while watching.  The second sock will look very like this.

I am planning on knitting a bit tomorrow if my hands feel good overnight, as in they don't wake me with pain or feel spongy when I wake in the morning.  I did my excersizes and did not knit more than ten minutes at a stretch today.  I will be sticking to that again tomorrow and will do it in small bits of time until  I am confident that the long knitting drought is done.

Saturday, 18 March 2023



I knit two rows on a sock toe and I wound 4 skeins of yarn for Marcus' sweater.  Everything went really well and no hand pain or sponginess at all.  

Don't tell anyone lest I jinx myself by saying this out loud.