Friday, 15 February 2019

Odd days

Odd days continue.  yesterday felt unusual and it just kept feeling that day.  I did a bit of knitting but none at all on what I thought I would be knitting on.  Nope.  I was knitting on socks.

 It was weird but in a good way.

I started doing a tidy in my room and catching up with laundry nd sweater washing.  Once I had that underway, I just kept digging and unearthed things that were begun last fall but that were set down and not moved again when the babysitting thing came up.  

My warm long sleeved shirts.  Sigh.  I really could have used these this winter.  Washed, ready for pressing and then to cut out the shirts and sew.  The fabric was in a messy pile in  bin since it was washed.  Under that fabric, I found

My bag, waiting for the lining to be sewn.  Not too far away, I found the lining fabric ready and waiting.

And then, the most intriguing find of all.

A nicely in progress pair of Vanilla is the New Black socks.  I had completely forgotten about these.  I did a fair bit of knitting on these through the day because I really can't wait to see how this heel fits me.  It feels weird that after a week where I was a bit sick of socks, that I had such a very entertaining time knitting a simple sock.  I guess even when I am tired of socks, I should never count them out.

So these things are now ready to proceed and I still have no time to proceed.  It is going to take all my time and effort to get the house back into shape and to get all the laundry pile done.  If I do anything else, it is going to be to attack the even older stuff sitting by my sewing machine and if the truth be known, that is the goal for this weekend, not so much the knitting.

I have super hero girl panties to make. I have a dress to repair for Cassie. they have been waiting much too long.  


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Do you know where your grandmother is?

So it was 9 a.m. and where was grandma?

This grandma was getting out of her car and rushing in to her own wee home to make her coffee and pick up her knitting. Because it was the last night of my daughter in law's night shift cycle where she stays up and grandma generally gets to go home so early.   Usually Marcus is around and we play a while, but today was a school day so my tiny partner in crime was out with his big sister.  They were well fortified with cookies and kisses from grandma.  And grandma gets an almost regular day.

There is going to be lots of knitting today but first

this.  I am knitting a scarf far ahead of when he needs it for my other special bundle, Emmett.  So he has it when he needs it.  

It is made of the same Bernat Pop that I did Cassie's scarf with in a colourway that is warm blues and browns.  Very nice really.  Its been a nice knit between socks.  

But today the Hun sweater, and good coffee.  Which is ready now. And some put my feet up do my own things days till Tuesday next week when the baby sitting starts all over again.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Just socking along today.  Possibly been knitting socks a little too long because for the first time ever my brain is feeling that my socks are just a tad boring.  I was just at the perfect spot for a heel when I first had that thought so I ran a little I interference and did a heel.  

It sèemed to help me focus and the sock is now ready for its simple cuff.  

What I really want to be knitting is Hun.  I have today and tomorrow morning here and then a whole lovely weekend to knit before it starts all over over again.  This week and next plus the one after that are the heaviest in the cycle and it gets better after that.  But pretty soon there wiĺl me just me and my knitting .  EVEN THIS shall come to an end.  Till then I will make socks and be glad of them when they are done.