Tuesday 20 February 2024

A Monday Tuesday

I  seem to have taken a bit of a vacation.  That is good actually.  I think I needed it. I woke this morning after a good long sleep and though it feels like a Monday, it is not.  It is Tuesday and I can already tell it is going to be a challenge to keep that in my head this week.  

I finished up the first pair of Big Fabel socks on Friday.  

I wore them on Saturday.  What a great pair of socks.  If you have never knit socks, consider it.  Wearing them is such a pleasure. Cozy, warm and comfy.

I set puzzles on Saturday, a puzzle for yarny folk this time.  The bright colours are kind of fun. The edge is done and I have a couple easy sections well under way.  

The rest of the weekend, I knit on the Utkiek.    

I was struggling with the slip stitch pattern for this section again, and went through all my stitch dictionaries to find one I liked better.  I did and seemed to be doing ok till I realized I was doing it backwards, a fault of my not understanding Japanese.  Still what I ended up with will do and it will have to.  The yarn could not be knit again.  I redid it four times, and the yarn was just not capable of more. It wouldn't take the stress of ripping back another time.

I am just past separating for the arms.  Today I plan to knit the sleeves.  I think it will be easier to sort out just how wide the stripes can be from my original two skeins.  Part of this sweaters charm is matching width stripes on body and arms and I mean to make that happen.   

I am off to knit.  I intend to keep on knitting the Utkiek again today, though the Linger sweater is calling my name loudly.  Linger is still on the body but with Utkiek, there will shortly be the thrill of adding in a new colour.  We shall see where my fingers take me. 

Thursday 15 February 2024

Letting Go

My mind is being pulled in a hundred different ways today.  There is always so much interesting stuff to do.  And yet I think this post is going to be about making there be less interesting stuff to do.

That sounds weird I know.  It's okay.  It flummoxed me too. 

Being ill in 2022 was very scary.  I have faced the hard things of life and death and have come to terms with it.  I don't think I was quite prepared  though, for the way thoughts ran through my head and I was also not really prepared for the ease and clarity of the decisions that would come to me.  

I sold off my weaving things.  Most of them at least. I have a few books lingering in the shelves that are strictly related to weaving.  I forgot about those when I sent the loom to its new home.  The only weaving I pursue now is on the pin looms and that suits me perfectly. 

And now it is time to look at my spinning.  

I like the end product of spinning.  We all know that.  I enjoy spinning too, but all the rest related to it, while it is interesting and intriguing, is not really what I want to fill my days with.  When I think about doing these things, washing fleeces, carding, combing, prepping for spinning, I think about how many hours they take away from my knitting.  I needed to do them to gain a basic understanding of them.  My hands needed to understand them but my heart did not need to.     

I am in the middle of prepping my spinning things for sale.  I am debating keeping a single wheel but at this point I am not certain which wheel it will be.  I am not even sure if I will keep that.  There are some things I would still love to spin up but my dreams of spinning up from sheep to shawl no longer burns in me. The things I may want to do myself are about texture and how it would feel as it passes through my hands.  Generally, I just want to get straight to the shawl part and enjoy that.  

I have a new carder, a some what mutilated pair of small combs (can be repaired), a selection of spinning books, a vast selection of undyed fibre of various kinds and two wheels.  Getting rid of all these things isn't going to happen fast but I want things sorted out and done by springtime.  If any of you out there are interested in such things, let me know and I will get in touch with you before putting them up on the usual websites.  

Bottom line, I love to knit. There are endless adventures that I still burn to have within it, endless paths to explore and travel on. Knitting lives in every corner of my brain.  All the rest are things I can leave behind.  

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Ups and Downs

I took this photo first thing in the morning.  You can see from where the marker is just how much I got done the day before.  

I took this photo In the late afternoon, just before I put it away for the day.  I already had the marker set up for the today, but you can see that the side below the underarm is longer. This is not a fast knit. I only get in a few rows a day, but with a marker, I am seeing the progress.

I took this picture because this was the point in the project where I am starting to look hard at the yarn usage.  A big part of me is screeching " Eeeeeeeeep".  There is about half a skein of grey yarn attached to the sweater and these four balls.  That is it from my full bag of ten skeins of the grey. The half fisherman's rib is using up yarn at an amazing pace.

I know how long I want the sweater to be but I am, as usual, starting to feel as if I am going to be short of yarn. I won't be.  There is plenty, but it is time to manage the yarn.  I think after the ball I am working with at the moment is used up, I am going to knit the sleeves.  That way, I can finish the body by knitting till I run out of yarn.  

It doesn't look like a lot of knitting, but I can only work for a little here and there through the day.  The double stranded yarn makes for heavier work and I am trying to take care.  I am getting in some knitting time on other things in lighter yarns.

I pulled out this pair of socks.  This is one of my favourite yarns, Cotton Fun, an older Mielenweit sock yarn.  It is a bend of cotton and wool and is just a pleasure to knit with and wear.  I had a sock half knit and then realized I was not enjoying the stitch pattern, so I switched patterns and started again.  

I was so deep into thinking about the changes my feet have gone through, and deep into the pattern and the yarn, that I did a silly thing.  I knit the pattern the whole way around the foot and I kept doing it even after I realized it and knew that a lace pattern on the sole of a foot was never going to work.  Purpose made holes on a sock sole are not smart.  It was hard to face.  I stepped back and did not touch or even think about this sock for a good long time.  I was so deep into the dream of this sock, but I found some gumption, pulled it back to the toe and restarted.

I marked the front and the back with clunky stitch markers to keep the lace only on the top of the foot.  I have no idea why, but even with the markers, I found I had to really be careful and focus on what part of the foot I was working on.  I guess this is why most of my socks are plain vanilla socks.  

After all this trauma, I pulled out something solid and simple and sensible, the worsted weight socks.

Sock two of this pair is underway.  It is nice and plain all the way around the foot.  

Even though sweater knitting is going well, it felt like it was one of 'those' days. I don't like that feeling but the things that don't go so well are a part of knitting too.

No worrying about sock feet or yarn management today. I must tidy the sewing room aka the spare bedroom today so I can do some sewing.  After a weekend, chatting with Cassie about clothes and things we could use in our wardrobes, I feel the urge for something new.