Monday, 1 March 2021

Gauge Games

I am all about the vest and you know what?  I am gettng pretty darn sick of the vest.  It is a whole week since I started it and I had hoped to have it completed by now.

It is getting a whole  lot closer to finished but at 12 inches from the underarm, on the fronts only, it really does have a ways to go.  I need 18 to make it look and wear as I want it to.  

I am sticking with changing needles sizes to change the gauge of the garment.  The choice had me really worried that the fabric would get to soft but so far so good.  I also decided to split the hem so that if it is not enough for fit  with just needle changes, that it still will fit how I want it to.  When I look at it, laid out like this, I think the dimension say it should be fine. 

I have never done this kind of thing before, using changing needle sizes to change the gauge of the work to adapt to the size you want.  There are not a lot of things I would do it on, but this yarn is a kind of freebie leftover so it is totally up for goofing around and testing thought and play.  

The top was done with a 3.5 mm tips and is deeply ribbed and very crisp.

I am now working with 5 mm tips and you can really see how the fabric is changing.

The ribs are soread apart much farther and are not quite so crisp.  Thanks to the yarn, they still hold their shape and form but I don't think that will be the case if I go up any farther.  I might try a few rounds just to see, but I haven't committed to it.  I really like the feel of it as the change happens down the sweater as is.  

I am also going to knit something else today just for a change.  Not the whole day but maybe just for the morning.  I enjoy the stitch dance that goes on here, but even when you are dancing you need to take a rest.  

Friday, 26 February 2021

I did get some work done on the vest.  And I ended up ordering the extra skein of plum Regal as well as the Fundy Fog that I want for the edgings up top.  

I made the decision with science.  My scale has  been kicking around here for a while, in my way, and I got it in my head to weigh the skein, knit a couple of rows till I had an inch, and weigh the skein again.  Then math helped me sort out exactly how long the vest will be if I don't add stitches.  I wanted a bit more length,  so I put the order in and will have it just as I am finished with the skein and a bit I have.  There will be enough left that I will be a striped hat and mittens for someone out there.

And then I didn't do anything.  Nothing.  For the rest of the day.  Nothing.  That rarely happens and I can only put it down to covid weariness.  I have been struggling with that for the last month or so.  I am certain that much of it is combined with the usual February blahs and the lack of sunlight the last few months, but it us also connected to getting out in the world in a small way. 

I have been visiting people the last few weeks via zoom and have been talking with my kids lots and I thought that would help.  The opposite has happened because suddenly, I am out in the world and all my insecurities rear their ugly heads.  When it is just me, they lay there quiet, unchallenged and almost hidden.  Going out into the world means facing not just people but all those little things it is so much easier to hide from.  It does add a certain stress to the pleasure of visiting and that bit of added stress is the straw that broke this camels back.

Hiding is not healthy and is not the answer to this.  But spacing out the visits is a way to deal with the stress so that is what I will do.  

Starting the day with a way to cope makes everything better.  I can knit again.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Yesterday was zoom day, so most of my knitting time was spent on the blanket and on socks.

There was even completion of a first sock of a pair.

The yarn is String Theory but I have no idea the colourway name.  I do love the greens though.  Seriously love.  This is one of my very rare skeins of yarn from a specialty dyer.  It came to me in a trade and it has been a lovely experience.  

In between things, I spent time fixing something.  I had pulled my unblocked Einband Icelandic, 
Dýrfinnustaðahyrna með blúndu, and tucked it around my shoulders.  I was wearing a sweater but my neck just felt chilly.  While I was wearing it, I noticed that there was a thing I had to do before it could be blocked.  
The shawl began from the lace edging, unusual in an Icelnadic shawl, and I had knit one section too many.  The end just needed to be pulled back so that when it was blocked, all would be even.  

I wish I had taken a photo before I had most of it out.  It was a entire little toothy bit plus all the open work stitches and where you joined it to the shawl.  This tiny task of easily countable stitches too a long time, about an hour and a half.   Einband is not going anywhere, even when you want it too.  Still, I prevailed and it just needs blocking.  That will happen after a wee bit more sewing happens.

I am going back to work on my vest today.  I have pretty much made the decision to buy another skein of Fundy Fog to finish off the neck and arm bands.  There isn't going to be enough left of any of the colours to do enough of the job that is left to do. One of the semi local stores (as in under a two hour drive) carry Regal, and currently have this palest purple in stock.  They also have the plum, which is the darkest purple.  I had the order all ready to go but thought I should wait to be sure.  No point having a skein I didn't need to buy left at the end. I want 18 inches from the underarm, and by measurment right now, I will be shy of that but only a little.  Exactly how much shorter will depend on how the yarn usage goes on the bottom.   I am not looking for particularly long but I would rather buy another skein than have it be too short.  My usual modus operandi with yarn is that I have enough leftover for several hats and that would be a silly as having a vest that is never worn because it is too short.  

So, I shall power through the middle lilac of the purples and will have a marvelous time. I always do when I am knitting.