Tuesday 23 April 2024

Staying Strong

Its time to do some sewing again.  I have been thinking abut what my wardrobe needs and what I want to wear and am comfortable wearing for a good long while, all winter really, and it is time to get to it.  There has been a long absence of sewing here and it really is time for some.

To that end, I have been looking at my sewing fabric stash. I know pretty well what I have on hand, and most of it is very useable and desirable.  A few of the things are not quite what I would buy again though my luck buying online has been really really good.  

Still, just like knitting and yarn, even though I have some on hand, I like to play fabric store shopping.  I enjoy seeing what is out there for me to play with.  Yesterday was hard.  There is a good sale on fabrics right now at my favourite online vendor and the hard part is not buying any.  There are so many interesting things that would be lovely to wear and make.  It gets my imagination going and I am free to dream about how I would use all those lovely things.  

Just like shopping in store though, you can't take everything home, and even if you could, would you want it? When and where would I wear it all?  And when would I make it all?  I have enough trouble using all my yarn, so leaving fabric at the fabric store takes practise but I am getting better at it.  

I fill my cart online and then leave it for  the rest of the day while I think about it.  I dig in my fabric and look and dream with what I can touch and feel and I feel good.  Usually, I can leave the cart be and I empty it in the morning.

The sale (one of many) goes on for another day or two and till then I am just going to be strong and work with what I have.  But when it is mostly used, then oh then...

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