Friday, 13 May 2022

Time to Think

I had a plan to cut and sew yesterday but when I got in there, the last thing I felt like was sewing, or cutting or anything to do with fabric.  I wanted to just go and sit and knit or sit and read or do dishes.   

I was a little concerned.  I have still quite a bit of sewing to do and there are still things I need and things I would like.  I don't want to run out of steam now.  I made myself cut out one shirt and then I could stop if I felt like not sewing.  

I stopped at one and went off to knit.  Before I went I took a quick look through my boxes of fabric to see what other top fabric I had.  It gets a little fuzzy, you know.  But I went off to knit.

Ribbing.  Yes.  I made it to the ribbing.  It's very exciting.  I feel relaxed and I had a good time and even better, I had time for a good think.  

I needed that, just to really have a good think about the sewing and what clothes I want to make next and about fabrics.  

Today the plan is to cut out some plain comfortable pants in this marvelous piece of linen that I have and a coordinating Torrens with a hacked neckline and cut to be just a bit longer than is called for.  And to finish the ribbing on my sweater. 

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