Sunday, 26 September 2021


I am retired but weekends are still very important to me.  The two days bookend days of work still, only it is work of my choosing.  Weekends remain specail days.  

This last weekend was for finishing.  This weekend, I finished Marcu's wee gloves.

I managed to make only one big mistake.  I meant them to be the same but I have the colours reversed on the fingers of the second glove.  It's just not a big thing so I am calling them perfection.

And today, I finished Olga's fingerless gloves.  

As you can see, it looks very different that the sample you saw in the other post.  I was starting them as two strands of the Adma and Eve in s twisted stitch rib.  the farther I got on them, the more I felt I was doing a disservice to the pretty yarn. I may make a pair of them for me for sleep, but for Olga with her long slender hands versus my punky short stubbies?  She deserved sweeter gloves.   I pulled it all back and changed it to a lovely little pattern called Susie Rogers Reading Mitts.

The reading mitts are a fingerless mitten and all I changed was the addition of fingerlets on top.  I tried finishing the edges on top of the fingerlets in the picot bind off, but that made too much fabric between fingers.  It looked fussy, so I pulled back and just did a double garter ridges and then cast off.  It looks great.

So that is one family done.  I just have a wee sweater for Emmett to do.  I had planned this in the spring and here we are fall, and it is almost late but the Gramps cardigan is fast to knit up and fun too. 

At the same time as starting Emmett's I will start one of my own.  I think the quoddy blue regal will be first done, and follow it with the gorgeous DK from Mid Knit Cravings in their Pesto colurway.  I am still not certain what pattern I want for it.  It such wonderful yarn!

Andyway, off to bed for me with a busy day looming.  I may not have everything I wanted in life, but  life is good and that is plenty of riches for me.

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