Thursday, 23 September 2021

Day 732 of Household Reorganization

I am on day 732 of household reorganization.  It's down to brass tacks though.  Almost everything is in it's new location and surprisingly, there still is room on the shelves for the myriad of little things that seem to accompany me through life.  Down to brass tacks now.  I am sorting through all the various boxes putting like with like.  Sometimes it means combining two sets of materials, sometimes it means dividing.  Either way, when I am done, it is better, tidier and neater and that pleases my soul. 

I still have dvds to put away and music boxes to put back on shelves, but that will be the last act.  It is where I started this whole process, so it seems right to bookend it with it. The kitchen is still a disaster though. That is weekend work for two.  I can only get the low stuff clean.

I did some knitting today.  I have the first fingerlet complete on Marcus' fingerless gloves.  It was not without incident though.  I was almost done the palm, when I noticed a dropped stitch back on the first colour row.  It was so many rows down that there was nothing for it but to pull it back and redo.  

When I drop a stitch, I usually pick up and work it up but I find if it is more than two or three rows, particularly on something small like kids mittens or gloves, that the 'new' stitches are just uncomfortably tight.  I would much rather reknit than have that kind of tension glitch.  So drop back, I did.  It looks fine and will take very little time to finsh up tomorrow.

With the days getting shorter and the sky getting dark before 8 p.m., I had the pleasure of watching some combining happening in the field just over the ball diamonds and across the road.  It was a cheery canola field that I hope is giving the farmer a good return.  Watching the combine go back and forth, meeting the truck brought back some happy memories of long nights keeping the coffee hot, and making sure there was bread or cake for late night eats.  Or popcorn for the guy in the truck on occasion.  And once the eats were picked up, back to my good book, because in those days, TV was finished for the night about 1 a.m. and there was sure to be more coffee required before they called it a day, on those perfect nights.

A long time ago and far, far away. Ah well. Those days are gone but I am still here.  Memories are as good a way to end day 732 as any.

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