Monday, 2 August 2021

Glorious in the Morning

And that is how we do that.  My big Shetland Shawl is finished.

Keith is 6 3 plus a smidgen and as you see, his arms are up.  He couldn't hold both corners on top at the same time.  So something in the range of six feet square.  Unblocked.

The unblocking will probably remain that way but for the lace border and the edging where the border blocking demands it and then only by steam blocking.  I am just not too worried about it.  This is mine to wear at home, alone when I need comfy.

I love everything about it.  Here you can see the delicate gradient of soft, soft colours.  You can see the waves the lace makes clearly and the lace is starting to stand out, though its glory would be better blocked.

I love everything about it including the fact that it is square. 

Many years ago, I knit a Shetland Shawl following The Fir Cone Square pattern from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls.

Then a few years ago,  I knit a square Hansel for Olga's grandmother.

but both were given away.  I wanted one for myself.  There is something that happens when you fold that square to wear that is pure magic.  It is like going from woods fine warmth to the all around snug warmth of coal. That layer of fabric traps air between and the light yarn you have used becomes magnified because you are wearing it in two layers.  

This one is mine, just mine.  I might share it a bit here and there if a grandchild needs to snug up wight beside me, but otherwise it is mine.

I woke up feeling pretty glorious this morning and wrapped it around my shoulders and sat for a bit with my eyes closed, feeling as if there was a hug around my shoulders.  

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Anonymous said...

That is a really beautiful piece of knitting you have completed. I am so glad you are keeping this one for yourself. It will be such a pleasure to wear this winter and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.