Thursday, 29 July 2021

A little pronoun work.

 I need to find some yarn.  Should be easy and yet...

I have been wearing the green top that I finished earlier this summer quite a bit.  

Two equally bad photos.  I love how it turned out but for one thing.  The neckline.  I wasn't worried about the neckline.  I worreid about sleeve problems, and length but not the neckline.  The neck though is a problem, albeit an easily fixable one.  

It needs to be slightly tighter around than it currently is.  It is a very open neck and the little band of seed stitch stands away,  It could be a couple rows wider but that wasn't really what I wanted.  It's a worsted weight cotton and a summer top of cotton would be too warm to wear if it fit close to my neck.  

I think the quick fix is perfect for this. I want to crochet a row of slip stiches around the neckline to do the job.  It won't make the band much longer but it will tighten the band up quickly.  The other good thing is that crochet, after the fact is quick to rip and repeat if it isn't right the first time.  Bonus points for crochet.  But I am going to take it off and redo it if i don't like the look of it.  Sigh.  

So that and chasing kids is my plan for the day once I find some yarn.  And, if it all goes fast, then working on the big shawl is the backup plan.  

In other things, I have been thinking a lot about personal pronouns. They have always been these arbitrary words that no one really paid attention to, and yet they hurt some people and I hate that.  I am never going to remember what personal pronouns people want me to use.  I barely recall names and to ask for,or be told what feels like a really personal bit of information from someone who is a casual acquaintance feels like an awkward and stilted way to start a conversation or a friendship. It certainly isn't the kind of information I would be comfortable giving to someone new to me. 

Remembering names are a problem for me and personal pronouns added to the mix, is just not going to help.  I had kind of planned to try to refer to all people by their names even to the point of oddness.   I haven't monitored it here, though I greatly fear that without careful monitoring of my speech, I slip far away from what my goal is (very like knitting familiar things, the comfort factor kicks in).  

It occurred to me last night that there is a solution that is easy and the English language is meant for it.  English, long ago got rid of gender when we refer to things.  A chair, a spoon, a sunset.  Exactly the same even no matter who is referring to them.  The obvious solution here is for the English language to drop he/she pronouns for use referring to specific people and to broaden the use of them/they.  These words already refer to individuals, though generally when we don't know the person at all.  The words are nuetral in every situation I can think of so far.  

So,  up goes a note to remind myself to monitor this and to train myself. "Do note use he/she.Go gender free." If I keep it up long enough I  do believe that I can drop the gendered terms from my speech.  Call me on it.  I need the help.

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