Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Grandma for the win.

Tougher than Nintendo and Youtube?  Grandma won that contest.  And then I could not get them inside for the rest of the day.  Seriously, children.  Sigh.

By the end of the day they were absolutely filthy.  They stopped at the pizza placeon the way home from their epic adventure, and they bought an ice cream to share.  Of course they picked the blue bubblegun ice cream and by the time they made it in the door, they could have been blue woad covered warriros of ancient times for all I could tell.  The clue to their identity was the spackling of cherry juice on the shirts from earlier on the day.  

Because yes, it is cherry time.  They decided they wanted cherry pie so that is what my spare time was used for yesterday.  The kids picked all the cherries themselves and the pie is quite yummy.  And with the cherry pitter tool that I have, made much less mess then a few years ago.  

At the end of the day, they were so tired they were goofy and giggley and just silly. And dirty.  Dirty in the way that dirt lives on happy choldren who had a wonderful day.  Cassie thought a bath sounded great, though she thought grandma's shower would be even better.  Marucs wasn't having any of that at all.  

He didn't want to have to take his clothes off so he decided that he was not going to have a bath.  Not taking cothes off has been a thing all summer.  He has slept in his clothes.  He has put his pjs over his  clothes to sleep.  He said he felt sad that daddy wasn't here and that if he kept his clothes on, he wasn't away from dad at all.  Aww.   

 This time,  I told him that I didn't think that was a problem.  His pants were filthy and his shirt full of goo so I told him, he should bathe in his clothes. He stormed into the bathroom, his face full of grumpiness and tired little boy anger.  I think, he meant to show me that I didn't really mean he could bath in his clothes.  I am trickier than that.  (Occasionally)  The bath had been filled with the right temperature of water and all the toys were lined up for him and he lost his train of thought and was really confused.  He couldn't figure out how the water could stay the right temperature since his bath the night before.  He knew it wasn't magic but he couldn't figure it out, till I told him that I ran the water when he was eating pie.  That was OK, but he still had not forgotten the clothes thing and he was still testing to see that I was sticking to my word.  He asked me to close the bathroom door, so I did.  He said he had to take his shorts off because he didn't want to get them wet, but that he was now ready to jump in the tub, pants back on.  So I told him to jump in.  

He just thought that was such a silly idea.  He happily played and soaped his entire body and his cothes right along with it.  I was a bit worried that he would decide he still wanted to sleep in them, but I promised him that I would dry them.  He was good with that.  He didn;t think wet pants would be fun for sleeping.

But grandma won the day, more or less.  I wonder if there is payback?

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Anonymous said...

Needles, you are such a ingenious Grandma! Now that's one way to get them in the tub. Small dogs and children are always a challenge when it comes to bath time. Well, at least until you get them in the tub and then you can't get them out.