Thursday, 10 June 2021

Teeny Tiny Data

We have hit the end of data at my house so I am posting from my phone.  It has it's own wee bit of data and the overage charge is better than the house plan.  It is minuscule amounts so this is about all I will do.  

I was bored of knitting everything yesterday and I had been thinking about monster socks recently.  I decided to pull out the bits and ends box to see if I could find inspiration there.  As usual, that box does amazing things to the regular way of seeing stuff.  

It is mostly pinks and reds and oranges and all highly patterned yarns.  But I was thinking contrast and powerful coloured.  I came up with this combination.  

A little odd as a pairing and yet...

Which is rather exciting.  

And that, right there is why I keep knitting.  Endless little pops of joy and thrills of color.  

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