Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Where this blogger goes on vacation

This blogger is finally getting to go on vacation. As you will see it does not happen all that often and when it does, it tends to morph and change before it settles into fact. Going on vacation usually is a sort of surreal happening in the house of the Needles.

Anyway, we will be off later tomorrow, or Thursday morning.

You can go back and read some the old stuff if you haven't had a chance. There were some cool happenings (hey its apparent I don't have a life, I thought they were way cool) in the early crochet sock days as I figured those out, and I really enjoyed the first heel turns, and grafting.

And you can admire my stash of knitting bags. I tell you, if you can find them, these are wonderful bags for ongoing projects. I met a young lady at a recent family gathering, who came up to me and said the knitting was good, but the bag, the bag says she was seriously fine. Yes she was a knitter.

Have a great week and maybe a wee bit more. I'll pop in if I can.


Gina said...

Enjoy your well desearved vacation.

yellojkt said...

Have a great time. Take pictures and post them.