Monday, 25 June 2007

Weekends are too short.

I'm fairly sure of this. Otherwise this would be a complete sock and thiswould be more than just a toe.

The first is my lace socks. A simple lace, but still a lace. It took half of Saturday figuring out the how and why of this lace. It seems like it should have been simple, but the pattern diagram in the book was wrong. That was a pretty disappointing realization, but I got past it and knitted my heart out. It's kind of a pity the pictures don't do the lace justice. But it is turning our beyond fine.
The Lorna's laces sock for one of the guys, was actually started first. It has become patently clear that I have to keep something simple on the needles when I am working on something that takes more thought. A nice simple plain sock for a big foot is just right. Toe up, peasant heel, and I am free just to work to the end of the yarn. Its wound into 2 balls, one of each sock.
I think I have an average of 3 to 4 crochet things on the go at once. Its a habit of long standing. You never know when you need something different to do. A big project for cool evenings, something smaller and lacy like the ruffle on the pillow, and then a sweater in there somewhere. Intersperse with some embroidery (right now, 3 on going projects cross stitch, 1 hardanger and a lot of plans) and the the result is there is always something that is interesting to work on. Knitting just adds to the mix.
Between all the knitting, we did yard work. Lots to do before the wedding, but its starting to really look good.

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