Tuesday, 2 September 2014

One Tiny Foot from done.

Two heels are done.

Only one tiny foot to go.  About 20 rows in the round and a quick little round toe.  Then a few ends to weave in and a graft at the crotch and some pretty brilliant blue buttons and done.

I am pretty pleased with the way the colours worked out too.  

One of the things that happens with these self striping yarns, even the long colour ones, is that when you work the small rounds after some bigger rounds you get dramatically different width of colour sections.  That doesn't always look great.  

This time though the wide is on top but fits well with the rest and I must have gotten into shorter sections of colour when I did the feet and legs.  The width of striped sections are not all that much different.  Or they look balanced at least.  

I did play with the colours on both feet a little.  I wanted darker feet and had two sections of dark green and dark blue.  Beyond that, I did not do any other messing with colour.

But, I am pretty pleased with how it is all coming along and I can't wait for my wee fellow to return home next week so that I can try them on him!

Next up, a hat for my big guy, and then one for my wee sweet one, and by then, a new baby should have arrived.  

And then maybe grandma gets to knit for herself and their mommies.  Not enough hours in a day.  Not nearly enough!

Friday, 29 August 2014

A visity sort of weekend.

My best buddy Toby has come to visit me for a week or so.  He is good company, though it does rather change the nature of my days.  I will have to come home for lunch just to give him a break once in a while and I will have to stay home and give him a chance to run.

But not on Wednesday night.  Wednesday night I need to go knitting.  

Anyway, in other news, I have real people company coming this weekend too.  Since the shelves didn't get built last night, I will build them on the weekend with her help.  And since she is much handier than I, with a tool, I expect it will go faster than if I was doing it alone.  I am looking forward to visiting with my sister dear.  They all have been such a pleasure to know and spend time with.

With luck, I will get a chance to knit the second leg and make wee sock feet for my baby pants.  But if that is as far as it goes, well, know that I will have had a lovely time doing something else.

I can't wait till the weekend is done and life settles down.  Work is going particularly well.  I have defeated all the demons that beset the early part of the work.  The fine stuff, the stuff where I really shine comes now and I am looking forward to that.  I have a new grandbaby imminent and I am just as pleased as punch about that.  I have sweaters to work on, particularly the pretty red sweater.  

And in another week, some interesting books will arrive on my doorstep, and then shortly some very nice new yarn for an Icleandic sweater.

I love fall.  I love September.  Sweater weather, with the wait for it punctuated by visits by people and puppies I enjoy spending time with.  

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I got nuthin.

This morning when I woke, I went to my computer and tried to write.  I got nuthin.

I seem to run out of writing steam by Wednesday.  I don't remember feeling that way longer ago, but then my concerns now are so different. Sort of.  I think I understand the Wordless Wednesday thing a lot of bloggers used to do.  

Wait. It is Thursday, not Wednesday.  And Thursday means a quiet day.  Today I have a bookcase to build, some books to sort and unpack and then to cap my evening, dishes.  

And knitting. I would really rather just knit and the heck with the house!  I am pretty sure this isn't a surprise to anybody. 

I might do that.  Skip the housework and knit.  I could talk myself into that so easily.