Tuesday, 22 October 2019

And the Next Thing

So one sweater all but done.   A very few ends to weave and button bands to do.  It is blocking as we speak and all I can say is O.M.G.  

I stop by the ironing board where it is drying in the hall just to pet it from time to time.  I am so pleased.  It wouldn't even have to fit well for me to love it. I haven't  tried it on yet.  At this point, I can wait.

Once I got my act together today, I did have to pick up some other knitting.  I had two very possible things to work on.  One, my coat sweater or sweater/coat.  I thought about this but it's green and I wanted something just a little different for today.  

I picked up Myrtle.

I had a bit of a revelation while knitting it this afternoon.  

I am knitting an entire sweater in a fingering weight yarn in lace.  It's a good thing it is a nice yarn and a simple rhythmic lace.  That could be overwhelming if I let it.  But it is stripes, it is pretty colors, it is interesting, blooming yarn. 

It just feels right.

Monday, 21 October 2019

On Leaving Sleeve Island

After sleeve island, the logical thing is to knit button bands.  So I did.  And then I steeked it. 

 It is possible that the smarter choice would have been to block it first but... oh well. And so a sweater is done.  Completely done.

There is always a bit of a lull when I complete a big project, but this one still needs blocking and buttons.  I am looking forward to both jobs.

I had the button box out from looking for buttons for dad's vest, so it was handy and I pulled out several interesting choices.

The buttons that I would have chosen in a heartbeat, had there been enough of them, are the five reddish buttons nearest the large button.  The red was a bang on match to the rust in the sweater,  but if you look closely, there are two different kinds of buttons: three have two holes, and the others, four.  I would have used the large button at the neck.  Had all the plain buttons had been the same, I would have but this way it felt like too many differences.  The other choices on the tray were okay but didn't really excite me.

Digging just little deeper, I came up with these

which are better than the average nice.  I would consider them my first choice bar none, had I not seen the way the wood buttons looked with the sweater.

The sweater is soaking now, and I am so looking forward to blocking and wearing this lovely thing.  It's been such a joy to knit it.  Ravelry may tell me that I've been working on this sweater since 2015 when I first pulled the yarn out and knit a swatch, but it hasn't taken very long at all. 

The first try was pulled out because I had forgotten a set of increases.  Then it sat because I moved, sold one property, sold the house, and moved again.  And then it sat...well, because knitting. And finally,  August of 2018 and last winter, when I determined that I really still wanted this sweater, I set down to knit.  It knit fast because of its striped nature.  The last colourwork section took more than another day, but each of the other stripes took an easy day of knitting. The two sleeves each took a very easy day, and all I did Sunday to finish up was knit two button bands.  I could have easily completed those on Saturday but I did have to visit the button box and then being evening, it just didn't seem like a good idea to start a part (buttonholes) that needed concentration and math.  It may look like it took four years, but really, it was a speedy knit.

And now, I have a problem.  For the past four years, the Lopi has had its own large storage container with all the knitting tucked there as well.  Since I started the sweater again, it lived in the WIP bins, where yarn and garment took up one whole bin.  The problem is the leftovers. 

Plenty for a second sweater of some sort, with sleeves, if I manage it right.  They need a home.  I am going to need to do a stash dive to find enough room or make enough room in one of my current containers for an unexpected sweaters worth of yarn.  I knew there would be leftovers.  Obviously so, considering I started with fifteen balls of green, but I thought I would use much more of it than I did.  I was expecting a vest worth of leftovers.  This is not unhappy.  Not at all.  I am kind of thrilled.  Knowing I get one more Lopi sweater out of this is wonderful!

It's a nice kind of problem to have.  

Friday, 18 October 2019

Sleeve Island

Yesterday morning,  I was up and dressed well before 7.  By 8 I had sweaters on the drying rack and two loads of laundry done.  By 9 I had baked muffins, made my next batch of candied ginger for tea, done dishes and had reorganized my tea cupboard.  I did a healthy days work in just a couple of hours.  

Today not so much.  First off, there isn't a lot of the day to day stuff to do, and secondly, I slept in.  I hate sleeping in. It feels like half the day us gone and I haven't even got a dream to show for it.  

I am looking forward to today, though.  Today is sleeve island day. 

I am just about to start the colourwork for this sleeve.  It such a few stitches, that I don't feel it will take very long.  Then it's  a section of green and the sleeve band and done.  In my dreams both sleeves are done by days end.  In my dreams.

Beyond that, I wanted to mention what I usually do to short sleeves to make them fit better.  

When you are a large person, as I am, your arms are a bit padded out if you compare to an average size person.  You have more arm inches from the top of your shoulder to your end of sleeve than average. On a long sleeve, you don't  usually notice it, but a short sleeve can look very odd without compensating for it. Mind you, even on a long sleeve, it simply sits better if I count for it.  

My solution, or adaptation is to do short rows as soon as I can after starting the sleeve.  

On this sweater, with its  pattern band, it's  going to be a little trickier than usual.  I have added one short row in the green joining section so far, and I am debating where I can slip in another one or two without making the colour too wide and noticeable against the matching pattern rows on the front and back of the sweater body.  

The plan is too add one more black row before the colourwork, and then do the pattern a few rows and see if it looks okay.  If I have to, the extra short rows will be in that last green section of the sleeve, but I prefer to put them in, right where they are needed and best hidden, at the armscye.  

Keep your fingers crossed.  Let's  see how this goes.