Thursday, 27 July 2017

Birdy business

After a couple of very chilly days, my bedroom window was open when I woke early this morning. I just stayed in bed and listened.  The pigeons were cooing.  The early train went by.  I rarely ever just lay in bed and listen to the world.  I need to do more of this.

There other bird sounds of early morning, but this cooing is quite distinctive and different.  At first I thought it was an owl, but it was always in the morning that I would hear it and occasionally through the day.  It didn't call at night like owls commonly do.  A week or so ago, I saw the bird sitting in the trees as it flew around the neighbourhood.  Pigeon of some sort and for a while, that satisfied me.

Till today.  I went looking for what kind of pigeon.  It was different than ones I was familiar with.  Skinner about the neck and longer to with a very smoothly feathered body.  Just quite distinctive.  After doing a little bit of research at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, according to all the birdy places out there, the bird place on the internet,  I think it is a Eurasian Collared Dove.  The link will take you to the sound of it's call. More than any other bird call, this is what the bird I hear so clearly in the morning sounds like. A tropical invader who for some odd reason is travelling north.  

Obviously, I am going to need to identify it not just by call, but by sight but that should be easy enough to do.  It will just take a little bit of time and tea on the back deck.

What an amazing web site find.  I love that they have the sounds not just as sounds, but sounds of distress calls, calls of all sorts.  

And that is what I am doing this morning.  Just listening to bird sounds.  Not a bad way to start a day.  

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Obsession in a good way

Strike while it's hot!  Knit while the knitting is good!  Keep at it!  Ok, that last one not on your life.  Usually, I am a many projects on the go sort of knitter.  A more is better sort of knitter.  And I have to say, I do like it that way.

Except for socks.  Monster socks in particular.  I seem to be able to obsess over the composition of them to no end.

It is a pretty bland group of yarn.  Mostly gray yarn or yarns with gray in them as a major component with touches of other colours

The yellow used here is the least favourite of all the scraps of yarn in all the bags of ends.  It's kind of a dud as far as yellows go.  Not lemony enough, not orangey enough, not sunny enough.  It looks like a dusty yellow but not in a good way.  And yet, it is fascinating watching how that yellow looks brighter here, stronger here, better here.  Against the gray, dull become interesting and leads to obsession.

 You will probably note how it looks like there should be a lot more purple and teal than there is.   That is the gray softening factor.  It takes the strong right out of those colours and makes them blend softly into the whole and almost disappear.

It is fascinating watching the colours and patterns play.  I cannot seem to put this down.  The knitting of Monstersocks is a thing that can lead to obsession. In a very good way.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Knitting of the Blog

Yes indeed there is knitting on this blog.  There is more knitting than anything else in this household if not on the blog, because knitting is really what I do and do best.  All this other stuff is fun and so I have something to do when my hands are worn out.

Part One:

The sweater is now long enough that I have to start really thinking about how I am going to get the remainder of the increases in without messing up the way this garment hangs off the shoulders.  I write this pre try on.

Wish me luck.

The really positive side is piled high.  I love, love, love the colour of the yarn. In the skein it shows much more spot here, spot there of the darker colour.  I wasn't sure how it would look but oh how I do love it.  It is a really pretty but not solidly gray gray blue. I love the feel of the yarn through my hands.  I love less that there is a lot of knitting to go, but oh well, it just means there is more time to love it all before I wear it.

The best part of all, is that I knew may hands would be knitting tight and fast and I made a very concious effort to stay calm.  By forcing my hands to be busy and slow, I think I calmed from the excitement/boredom/terror/exhilaration of the long warping process much faster than if I had done anything else.  Knitting.  My meditation.

Part Two:

Socks complete but for the heel.  A couple more pairs and it will be a heel and toe day time. No rush though.  I have plenty of still good socks ready and waiting wearing in the drawer.  In fact, if I finish too many too fast, the drawer will overflow.

You can see my choice with the black.  The second sock is topped with Kroy in black and it, plus a few wonky bits and catchy fibres made it much wider than the first.  Still once they are worn, they will look pretty much the same.

Part three:

Another sock.  When I woke this morning, I had time on my hands and  the closest thing to me was the bag of ends.  I took out some more yarn, yarns that didn't seem to go with anything else in the bag.  And I am working it together just 7 or so rows at a time.

My monitor is making this look really blue but that blue is really the dullest of grays, or to be precise, 3 different skeins of grays. I think they must be from Brian's socks.  There is a bit of purple and at the very bottom is some teal but they barely hold their own over the gray.  Still they are knitting quick and with this second pair, my bag of yarn bits and ends is sinking fast. Still can't quite close the lid, but it is getting there.