Sunday, 23 June 2019

Three tops and a sock

I may not have finished the sweater on Friday, but Saturday morning, I did.  Finished and worn,with mixed results.  The wearing was great, the looking really good slightly less so.  There is a lot of fabric at the side and it seems to cling and hang oddly.  Some of that may be due to my usual increases, which I did in their usual places on top of what the pattern asked for, but my usual increases will mean that if I decide to sort out the excess by sewing a seam, the top will be very wearable and will fit fine.  No photo because it looks exactly the same as before, just 2 and one quarter inches longer.

Sunday was a raceday (French Grand Prix) so the sock came out of hiding to be knit upon.  Next week is going to need a new sock because all there is to go on this pair is a cuff!  Races are good for simple sock knitting but there was lots of other really rewarding knitting too.

My version of the Cascadas Tee saw the most wonderful progress.

I have finished the lace yoke and have just split for the sleeves.  An inch or two of knitting on the body and it is try on time.  I hold great hope for this top.

I am so happy I went with the lace for with this yrn.  It is so crisp on the lines in the lace.  I am really looking forward to seeing it blocked.

And my second top from the Summer Snowflakes Top pattern, the one with the little daisy lace, is a row shy of the final increase before splitting.

I did a lot of knitting today and all the while I stared at the sample card of Harrisville that I ordered from Camilla Valley Farms a few weeks ago.  I love the yarn and I love the colours.  I think after these summer sweaters, I am going to put Myrtle on the front burner again, just to be able to knit with and play with the colours of the Harrisville.  I may be under a spell of some sort.  I hated to put the card away again.

Summer is here.  The yarn stores are almost done their fall yarn orders.  Time to start knitting fall sweaters? Maybe, but maybe not.

Friday, 21 June 2019


I got up this morning with high hopes of finishing my sweater but it was not to be.  On my way out of my room, I was waylaid by some cheery yarn, a 3 pack of soap, and some good intentions.  

A while ago I made a soap cozy for in my shower.  I kept dropping the soap and found myself wishing for some soap on a rope.  I did think about felting wool on to the soap bar and stringing a wrist loop, but I couldn't get the thought of wasting all that soap till the fibre felted.   I don't really need it felted.  That can happen during use.  I just wanted something that I wasn't going to drop.

I made a quick and dirty cozy very early one morning.  That first one was really just to see I would like it and if it would solve my soap on the floor problem.  It did and I loved it.  

As good as it was, the first one did not last forever and I knew I could make a cozy way better than that first try.  

I wanted it to fit snugly around the soap.  There were frequent try ons.  Twenty minutes and things were looking great.

A quick three needle bind off, seating everything nicely inside it's little sweater and

and i cord knit just long enough to fit nicely around my wrist when it was wet and

in no time at all I had three nice little wool covered soap bars ready for use.  

The red, green and golden yellow yarns are leftovers from a cowl and the yellow with that touch of grey blue is the yellow and a small bit of some leftover Kauni from a scarf.  All the yarns will felt nicely and are exactly the right kind of silly for my morning ablutions.

Wool to bed, wool when I rise, wool all the time.  

A man is what he thinks about all day long.

I am wool.  Isn't that nice?

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Are we there yet?

I try not to whine.  That actually my be completely untrue, but I do try not to whine too much in public but if there is something I am pretty good at, it is probably whining.  Are we there yet?

I have to keep asking myself that while I knit this project. The rows are so incredibly long.  I am not sure I would stay sane if I didn't whine a little.  Of course, I don't listen to myself.  That would just be too depressing, and I would probably stop knitting it.  

And then suddenly, there is that magical moment where you look at the marker that marked your original length and

You realize that by gosh, you are there and you measure three times just to be sure and wouldn't you know it?  You are long enough.  All you have to do is the garter stitch hem.

Oh yeah.

And so it goes.  Another day and the second round trying to finish this top will be done.  

I am a little worried though.  The reason that I needed more length was the handkerchief hemline on the sides of the top, created by that fantastic increase line, stopped right at that most unfortunate part of my hips, the wide part.  It was a desperately unhappy ending for an otherwise very pretty top.  If it still isn't a happy result, there will be surgery.  I am just not ready to face more knitting to make it right.

Bring on tomorrow when I will know.  I just want to be there.