Friday, 23 October 2020

Nailed it.

I had a bit of a dead line and I made it.  

This pretty little sweater is done.  It is a fine and delicious thing and I am so very proud of it.  I only have blocking and buttons left.  

As soon as practice two of the racing is done, the blocking will happen so that there is lots of time for it to be nice and dry for tomorrow.  I will take pictures of her wearing it before she goes home.

In funnier news, do you recall the sweater I knit for Keith earlier this year?  Well, it went down on a pile of clothes and was never worn.  I didn't think he liked it very well.  Now that it is colder, Keith was saying he needed to get another hoodie so he had something to wear when his hoodie was getting laundered.  I asked him where his sweater was and he looked at me kinda funny.  So, next morning he came up sweater on.  And the next day.  And the next.  

At least as good as a Hoodie.

He likes it.  He really likes it.  

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Maybe Two?

If I do this right, and I really really hope I do, I ought to be able to finish two things this week.  Of course one of them has been sitting waiting for no good reason and will now be finished in a bit of a rush because of it.  But two things done in a week is stellar.

Scott's family is coming for brunch on Saturday.  Amy's sweater has been waiting for finishing since she tried it on for me earlier this summer and if I don't have it ready now, it will be Christmas till she gets it.  After finishing the bed mittens, I took stock of the sweater and what needed to be done.  

The sleeves needed doing plus button bands and neck band.  It will take longer to pick up stitches for each of these things than it will to knit them.  The sleeves are only 5 and a half inches plus the ribbing.

I have an inch or so of stockinette to go on sleeve two before the ribbing.  It isn't quite where I had hoped to be after a full day of work on it, but I didn't knit so much as I hoped.  Oh well.  I have already had a good go at the sleeve this morning, and I think I will be just fine.  I still have tomorrowif I need it.  Buttons, blocking and finishing ends won't take the whole day.

I have been working with Harrisville and Jamieson's Ultra for so long, my hands had almost forgotten the delights of Madelinetosh.  It is such a beautiful blend of wools and I so dearly love the colours.  Maybe when I do get to that stash dive, there will be some diving for my own favourite Madelinetosh stash.  I have Tosh DK in sweater quantities three times over just for me.  

The landlord and I had a big realisation last week.  It was particularly difficult for the landlord.  He has always maintained that he loathes coffee from single serving machines.  He tolerated my old Tassimo.  He said he would tolerate it if I got a Kuerig to replace the Tassimo.  I wanted a Kuerig because I wanted to be able to refill the coffee pods in a more enviromentally friendly way and because the frothy milky drinks are no longer available here for the Tassimo.  In fact, it is hard to find Tassimo pods out here at all.  I really enjoyed the freshly brewed coffee no matter what time of day it was.  Taste is everything.  So we had a keurig and life was good.  

Last week the machine died.  It wasn't heating the water hot enough to make a coffee happen.  We played with it a few times and tried various things with occasional success, but when electricty is invloved, occasional success is not a good thing. The coffee maker well and truly died last Friday.  Keith didn't want to go back to Vegreville just for a coffee maker so he said he would get one for me Monday. No biggie, right?  

Saturday morning dawned and we made a pot of coffee in the regular coffee pot.  

  Almost before the cup was done, Keith was saying he was going to Vegreville.  He said it was to buy some lightbulbs, but he did come home with a coffee maker.  Just sayin'.  

It seems we have become a household of pod coffee snobs.  Oh dear.  Oh well.  

It should be noted that of all the pod machines, the Keuring is not the best.  I have had coffee from Nespresso machines and that is really dramtically, differently good.  It is really great coffee, plus the pods are recyclable, though not refillable at home by me.  But the taste is the best coffee I have ever tasted beside it being prepared in the Turkish way as I had in Kyiv.  

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

I finished a Thing!

I finished a thing!  I am a wee bit shocked that I did but wow.  I finished.  I had almost forgotten what that feels like.

I finished my wristwarmers from Cat Bordhi's Pure Garter Stitch Mitts.  They yarn is Urth Uneek Worsted and I don't seem to have a colourway noted.  Sorry about that.  This is what it looked like at the start.  

They do look different on each side, which makes them kind of funky, but it is just part and parcel of the way the yarn was dyed.  It isn't nearly as brightly coloured as I thought it would be, but it is pleasing in it's contasts and warm brandy undertones.   

They look a bit strange don't they, but then, they just popped off the needles when I took the pictures.  I wore them to sleep last night and they look more like real people hands now.  

And I won't be stash diving today either.  I have company coming on the weekend and I have a sweater to finish and send along home with them.  

I think it is just button bands and possibly the sleevelets, but that ought to be very doable by Saturday afternoon.  The bigger problem is buttons.  I think I have some tiny pearl buttons set aside for this somewhere.  It is the somewhere that kind of scares me.