Friday, 24 June 2016

When was Thursday?

My calendar says this is Friday, but what I would like to know is what happened to Thursday.  I am pretty sure when I went to bed, that it was Wednesday.  I am so lost in my days.

But it seems it is Friday. 

I may have sorted out the problem on the lace on my Waiting for Rain shawl.  The charts don't quite reflect what needs to happen.  The charts show one stitch less at each end of every row.  What needs to happen is that you work 2 stitches less at the end of each wrong side row. 

It refers to this in notes above the chart.  My complaint is that a chart should show what happens in each row, accurately, rather than being charted to maintain a certain angle of display.  

I will knit this blessed shawl.  It is such a lovely thing, but the pattern is going to get a poorer rating from me because of the way it is organized on paper, and for a chart that is only 'mostly related' to what you are supposed to do.

I'm not grumpy about it today.  I can work forward now, so I am good.  But I sure was grumpy about it yesterday.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

I'm exhausted.  No knitting happened, nor did I think about active knitting.  I am just tired. 

Not to be a downer.  I did spend some time looking for a sock pattern to knit.  I have some very pretty blue yarn.  It is almost a stripe but in varying shades of light to turquoise like blues.  It deserves something special. 

I thought it would be something lacey, and while that does always look nice, the more I look, the more I am thinking not lace, but rather something with some colourwork or texture.  This colourway looks particularly striking as colorwork.   

So.  There you have it. This affirmed plain sock knitter is looking ardently for a sock pattern to knit. 

Like I said.  I am tired.  To everything there is a season and apparently that goes for sock knitting too!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I was off yesterday, spinning and knitting the day away.  I chose my work carefully, because I am getting a little tired of screwing up.  Simple works when you need a break from your main occupation.

So I chose holes.

I am really pleased with how this is turning out.  It is perfect for such busy colours like this.  This shawl allows the yarn you choose to do all the talking.

Yet, like a striped sock yarn, knitting this design keeps you occupied.  It seems to move along almost without working on it.  Each section between holes can be knit in one sitting, and the holes rows are easily managed in a quick 10 or 15 minute sit for just the two rows.  And then you get some lovely simple knitting and your brain is looking forward and watching for the count of rows between to be complete. 

Utterly engaging.