Saturday, 21 April 2018


Now that I have only 3 bobbins, I feel compelled to start, spin, and ply in short order, so I can begin the next.  Or maybe it is because I really want to ply the singles from that Big Ball of fibre but not in public and my free bobbin is now filled with another single. 

When I was heading out to spin with my friend, frazzledknitter (do check out her stunning version of Humulus), I knew that I did not want to ply.  Plying still intimidates me, though thanks to that selfsame good friend, I am getting more comfortable with it, but I am not ready to try in public yet.  Not at all.  So I grabbed a couple 100 gr packages of Lincoln fibre from the stash and off I went.  

It's been compacted a bit in the bag, perhaps well stuffed is a better way of stating it, and stored for the last several years.  It is a washed and carded prep but is very low processed.  There is a bit of plant material in it, as you see.  I debated about carding it again before spinning it and while that probably would have been a great idea, I did not have the time.  

What I did opt for instead was generous pre-drafting to open it and pouf it out. 

 I am spinning this woolen long draw and I have to say, I think long draw and I were been born in the same place, but at different, distant times.  The fibre and twist feel so natural in my hands, as if this is what I was meant for.  As the twist sneaks into the carded fibre, pulling each tiny strand of fibre, it speaks to me, whispering all the things I saw in spinning that very first mystical moment when Cynthia from River City Yarns showed me what spinning was about.   

I was wondering how differently it would feel to spin the Lincoln but I am not sure if my finding is the prep or the fibre.  What I do know is that before the second bag is spun, I am going to make the time to card it so I can give this lovely fibre its proper due.  It is very nice to work with but I think the single would be much more smooth and consistent, if I had.  As it is, with it's lovely, lanolin rich, lightly processed heart, and its mildly compacted nature, it is making this lovely rustic looking single.

I took a sample off the first day I was working on it, and am pretty pleased with it so far.

I already know that I am two plying this by making it into a ball on my ball winder and plying from both ends.  I really enjoyed that technique and this is a great time to practise it.  

The current plan is to ply this bobbin tomorrow. I will card as well, so that the next bag will be ready for spinning on Tuesday.  I want to see how much difference the re-carding makes while my hands are still familiar with the first bag.   And I can't wait to see how the two different bags are in finishing!  Will it make a huge difference or not?

Spinning games are at hand and I am sitting here with a silly goofy grin on my face.  It really just doesn't get much better than this. 

Friday, 20 April 2018

No spinning talk today

No spinning talk today.  I forgot I have to babysit today!  And I have to be off shortly.  

I thought you would like to see how it looks now.  

I am on the last section right now, before you do some serious magic for the thumb gusset.  I made a bit of an error following the colour progression but I love how it looks.  By not following her colour progression, I have to do some fancy footery with colour on the thumb gusset.  

So next up, fancy footery, serious magic and spinning.  Isn't that grand?

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Always a Quandary

The quandary I was having with my little Log Cabin Mitts has been resolved.  

I did not find the yarn I was thinking of, but I did find the remainder of the Patons Classic Wool in Charcoal left over from my last sweater.  Its heathered look suits this project much better and its gauge is correct without any monkeying around.   I didn't knit a lot yesterday, but I did spin.  Lots of spinning.  More on that tomorrow.

I do have another quandary, but the good kind.  The fun kind.

Lucy Neatby's online shop was having a sale on several specific colours of Kauni 2/8.  At ten dollars a ball, it doesn't really matter what you plan to knit,  Such a good deal.  So I ordered enough to make the front and back of a colourwork sweater.

This colour is EF and while my photo is much darker than the one on her page, I am so deeply pleased with thes warm colours.  I know just the yarn I am going to use with it.  Or possibly I am going to buy new yarn.  That is my quandary you see and I won't know that till I decide the pattern.  \

Which is another quandary. But the good kind.