Friday, 17 August 2018

Dashing and Diving

Before I went to bed last night, I managed to get tmy big sweater to both sleeves done and I kept going to just below the colourwork.  Being done the colour change is a huge accomplishment.

I am thrilled.  Plus, there is plenty of the rust left, 2 balls in fact, if I decide I want to finish off in the rust.

There are other things on my mind too.  Working with Osprey on my Cat Boat is one of them. I have always known that I was going to be short.  Now that the back is almost done, I know by how much.

I always thought I would order a couple more skeins of Osprey in a soft colour.  I thought that till I started to place an order.  If I  order it from the maker website or if I order it from a retailer here in Canada, two skeins will cost me about 75 dollars (incl shipping and exchange).  Yup.  That much.  I just don't want to do that.

The Cascade 220 grey that I purchased for it needs a sport weight to go with it. My plan was too double it, but that is heavier than the Osprey.  I talked it over with Frazzledknitter, and have been looking at my stash.

I took out a few things to work alongside the Cascade 220.  The bottom section has a light fingering weight from The Yarn Pirate worked with it.  That feels ok, but it seems a little light. 

Section two is worked with some Mochi Plus.  It has the perfect weight, but I'm not 100% in love with the way that the two yarns work together. 

Section three is the Mochi Plus and some grey Rowan Cocoon that is the perfect match for the Mochi Plus. Rowan Cocoon alone is a bit light and I don't like the way the single looks alongside the Osprey.  I LOVE the way these two yarns look together. I love the softer blending of Mochi colours with the Cocoon blue grey and the two strands of yarn combine to mimic that twist of the Osprey closer than any other combination so far.  But it is, again, a little bit heavier.

All of these combos are to knit a panel of something different in a block for the front of the sweater. I can do that or I could knit sleeves out of another yarn and make it almost look like a vest.   I do have one other option, and that is, to go sleeveless.

I'm still on the hunt for a combination of something that will work from within my stash or for something that will make pretty sleeves.  I have to be honest though.  Simple (and I do like simple) gives me a pullover vest with a small decorative hood rather than the turtleneck. Today's plan is to go stash diving to see if I can find something I love, or to choose that other path.

All in all, it was a great week.  I finished Granito and made half of another sweater. Even if I don't make my personal goal, it isn't a bad way to finish up the second last week of Stash Dashing.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

All That Smoke

In all that smoke yesterday, I took my Easy Bulky One to another level.  Sleeve one is complete.

Looks a bit stubby doesn't it?  My ever so casual try on tells me otherwise. I slip the sleeve on through the neck and place the neck where I hope it will sit.  When I do that, it tells me this sleeve is just right, below the elbow about 4 inches, midway down my forearm.

Doing the sleeves now gave me a chance to try out my colourwork plan.  You can't really see it, but I think it's okay.  Not stunning, but I think it does what it needed to do, which was put a small bit of the green into the rust to help with make the transition a little less jarring.

Because the sleeve is a bit stubby, I didn't do my whole plan for the colour change on the bottom of the sweater.  There simply wasn't enough length and that was with me starting the transition on the second row of sleeve knitting!

Task one for today is to knit sleeve two and then to block them both and see if it looks as good as I hope it does.  Or as I dream it might.  Or as I pray.

Because all that knitting yesterday gave me lots of time to think about things, I pondered what to knit next.  Two sweaters on the needles in my WIP baskets.  Both are in heavier than my usual yarns.  Both yarns are at rich, dense, warm yarns.  When I think about what to knit next, my mind goes straight to Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Chunky.  I have some marinating in the stash.  It is lovely yarn.  I also spend a lot of time thinking about the gorgeous forest floor green from MacAusalnd's and the fast approaching fall.

It is still smoky here today but our air quality is much improved.  Still, I am so tired of this smoky haze. The Weather Office has started including smoke as a weather condition and we have several more days of this before a breeze will blow it somewhere else though I'm not sure me wishing for a breeze is good for them. Sigh. I know how I feel and cannot imagine how those closer to the fire zone we call BC feel.

The whole province is red. I know it isn't a popular wish or prayer for much of the year, but some rain, maybe even snow would be really good right now for anywhere BC.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Yarn management games

It is 9 a.m. and the street lights are on.  They are on due to forest fires in BC and the smoke is thick in the air.  My normally bright solatubes are a weird orangish colour

and if you want to do anything in the bathrooms, you will need lights on today.  That isn't normally the case.  Solatubes usually are so bright that there are no shadows at all in the room.  People look for light switches when they leave the rooms and if I am honest, the number of times I check during the day to be sure I have the lights off is silly even after all this time.  

Our air quality index here is at a high risk at the moment.  By noon it will be very high and will stay that way all day. It is a good day to take it easy even if you are healthy and strong.  This is not a day to be outdoors running or working in the garden.  If you work outside, take it easy with lots of breaks.

The only upside is that all this intense smokes mitigates the temperatures, because the sun is filtered.  I pray BC gets some nice not thunder and lightning rain very very soon.

It is a good day to knit.  So I am.  I'm plugging away faithfully on my Easy Bulky One.  It is down below the armpits now and I have started the colourwork bit to switch yarns.

Yes in this rusty red yarn, there will be a switch to green.  

I originally bought the yarn to make myself a Taiga Vest or to possibly turn it to a sweater.  I did an online purchase and once the colours arrived, I realized that there wasn't nearly enough contrast between them to make a really punchy great looking vest. 


You would think there would be but nope.


The only difference is that one has more visible light flecks.  But I think for this sweater, where the point is a usable garment for sitting at home, and to have it done before the end of stash dash, it's going to be fine.  I do want it to look as nice as possible though and I did have to think seriously on how to make that happen. 

I went through various ideas, and ended with  what Raveler EsHauch did on her sweater, Akka fra Kebnekaise, which is built from a Basic Raglan by Barbara Walker and Pebble Cliff from Shibui Knits from which she was inspired to design her own variation.  I am making mine a variation of hers.  She bases her pattern on lice separated by 3 and I am doing 5.  I think that will give me a better look in this bulky yarn. 

I am planning to knit the sleeves before I get too much farther.  I don't expect they will be very long, but even so, I really don't want to be flipping the full weight of this entire sweater as I work down them. 

The other consideration in knitting sleeves next, is that I want to use up all the yarn.  I have 12 balls, 6 in each colour.  It has taken me 3 balls to get to where I am this morning, midway down my bosom and to me, that means that I need every possible inch to get to a good length on the body.  The current plan is to switch now to the green and then, as the bottom approaches, to knit the last 5 inches (I hope) in rust.  That will only happen if there is enough rust yarn.  So, back where I always seem to be, planning on what to do if I run out of yarn and how to manage so I don't.

It's about 10:30 now as I finish up this post and the sky has brightened somewhat.

It looks like a more average cloudy day now. No more funny orange and green look to the sky.   Time to turn off all my lights and get to work.