Tuesday, 22 July 2014

And on we go to Red

I've been working on my red sweater most often right now.  I love how it is coming along.

Or maybe I just like that it is top down.

I am almost to where the underarm stitches will be added and I have some serious plans for this part of the work.  There is a fit trick I have wanted to try and this sweater is going to use it.

The trick is that some of the front stitches will move to the back.  That is it.  Simple huh?   But what it does is make the front fit a little more closely while putting the stitches to the back where my body needs them.  If you were a busty person, who carried their weight front above the hip, you might want to try doing the exact opposite and take some stitches from the back and move them to the front.  Although now that I think of it, maybe this is what I need to do. I can't remember!

Aw heck, if you go the Julie's blog, and search her archives, its there.  She was the first one who really talked in detail about it.  Some detailed notes on making fit work for you hide somewhere on her blog.  I can't even remember the sweater it was about but it was a wonderful knit and watching the process was exciting.  

Julie's blog.  Best fit stuff on the net.  Down low and personal and doing it right and not afraid to say when it is wrong.  That is Julie.  Fantastic. Just going to have to spend some time rereading and this is a very good thing!

Blues and Greens

It ended up being a not posting sort of day.  And not for want of trying.  My work phone is ringing off and on all night long for the last couple nights and I can't sleep.  I think the summer drunks and partiers are trying to call cabs and are getting me instead.  2 o'clock, 4 oclock, one o'clock, Three.  Pick a time and it is going off.  Tonight, I leave it at the office and I don't care what my boss says.

I had fun last night.  My daughter in law is very pregnant and is due at the beginning of September and she has decided that it is time to make a blanket for the new little one.    

She wants colours of water and ocean, something of the sea she thought or beaches but not sand.  I dug out my favourite colours and I think we are good to go.  

I love this combination of turquoise blue and bright green. (the green is much brighter than shown here)  It is just the most striking thing and it makes my heart sing.  

Sadly, I only have 6 balls of the combination of blue and green in my stash.  But I had a couple of these too.
They are a sturdier sort of green, darker, richer, and the blues are deeper and more the colours in the depths of a turquoise sea, but I think it will look great together.  Momma does too.

2 balls at 429 metres of the Crazy Zauberballe plus 6 times 165 metres is  about 1800 metres of yarn.  Just right for a nice baby blanket!  Grandma's stash is ready to be put to work for her sweet new little one.  I can't wait!

Good to go.

Monday, 21 July 2014

It is going to be an evening post kind of day.

Friday, 18 July 2014

I love Thursday

For some reason, Thursday has always been the day nobody needs me to do, to be somewhere.  Thursday is the day where I just get to be home and do nothing and I love to do nothing.  It is the day where I love to sit and knit and plan my knitting weekend.

I picked up that pretty candy apple coloured shawl and worked on that last evening.  Not a lot of rows of knitting, really, considering the hours that a Thursday night ought to have in it, but there were other things to do. I spent time writing a letter to a friend, and talked quite a lot with my realtor and then my kids.  There wasn't a whole lot of time left.  

I also cooked last night.  I was particularly thrilled that for the very first time, when I cooked myself some supper, my smoke alarms did not go off.  My little house and its high vaulted ceilings mean the steam from cooking hangs at the top of the vault.  Every gosh darn time till yesterday, I forget to turn on the fan before I begin and the alarms go off, and I am forced to open the doors to fan the air and get things moving.  The entire neighbourhood knows when I am coooking.  

Anyway, last night I got it right.  It was cool and cloudy here and I made soup.  I love soup, thick and rich and warms you right to the center of your soul.  

Little red lentils and rice with chicken in large rich chunks.  It was wonderful and will be again.  I made a very big pot.

I have some big decisions to make this weekend, and life is a little stressful, but overall it is settling down.  I am holding to that thought to get me through.  That and my big pot of hearty chicken soup with a little knitting.  These things will carry me through.