Saturday, 21 October 2017

Come Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are tea cozy time.  For absolutely no reason.  It's just a good thing to knit while trying to sort out what to do for the day.  I am doing laundry so I am not sure I won.

But I did finish Tea Cozy number 5.

I played a little with the cables on this one, just for fun.

I'm not sure it was 100% successful.  After it was almost done, I started looking and I think that for this center section, I should have changed the twists of the cable variation.  that way the change would have popped more and they would still have returned to the regular twist on going back to the plain cable after the variation.  Live and learn.  Still, I am pretty darn pleased.

Here is the mass of them but for mine, which is as ever, in service on my tea pot. 

It was a wonderful in between project and I never have to make room for that bag of yarn again, which was the goal.  It was a very nice way to use up something I wasn't devoted to.

It was great but for one small thing. 

I can probably use this for a pair of mittens with some other odd and ends of yarn. It might work reasonably well with some Noro Kureyon scraps or, if I dig, with some chunky creamy leftovers. 

It's Saturday and all is well.  On to lace!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Sunday or bust.

After a good night sleep...well that will be another night.  It wasn't last night.  I sleep on my back and there is some pressure on my stitches.  It's a little puffy and tender this morning, but not enough to need anything for pain.  More of an ache really.  The surgeon did a great job.

I knit quite a lot yesterday.  More than I thought possible.  I am now just one repeat from the corner.  

See the corner?  Its the little marker.  You can also see the gap just at the point between the edging stitches and the shawl body stitches, so about 15 stitches left to go.  I did forget one thing on this side and that was to work three stitches doubled through this side of the shawl.  I've had to do that to make the stitch count of body and edging lace work for  the corners.  So, this last repeat is going to get all three.  It's not ideal, but it is what it is.  You can't see it on the first side and it will be fine on this side too.

It's the fairy tale 'It will block out'.  If you say it fast enough and pray it often enough, it will come true.

My goal for today, after playing with Marcus, is to get the corner and a couple repeats down the last side complete.  Then I will be in really good shape to meet my weekend goals.

Sunday or bust. It will be done.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lots of knitting doesn't mean lots of photos.

I am about 2/3 of the way to the third corner.  I am pretty pleased with my progress and feel really good that I will have it completed by Sunday evening.  Unless today makes a big difference.  

Today I am getting a lump cut out from my shoulder.  I expect I am going to hurt some after since the area it covers is rather large.  It was starting to make me feel lopsided so it is time.  Just an ordinary cyst type lump.  

I only hope it doesn't interfere with the knitting.  I hope that I can keep my arm close to my side and keep knitting.  Wish me luck.  With the knitting that is.

Update:  And done.  I have 5 stitches, a fairly long cut, but I can't feel a thing.  I expected a little stiffness and puffines but not today.  Long may it continue!