Tuesday, 21 February 2017

When you Aim to Misbehave

But you cannot, in fact, do so.

I had my wheels all set out.

I was so happy to be ready to get working with my big wheel again. I didn't  have access to my Julia wheel these last few months.  It had been stored.  That actually worked out pretty well.  My little wheel and I  were not that well acquainted at all.  I struggled to find my happy place with it.  The Victoria is so similar but they are different.  Braking and wheel ratios are just different enough to confuse my hands.  These last few months we have become good friends.

But I do love the Julia.  In a perfect world she is all I would need, but for her lack of portability.  She is just too big to haul around.  I was so looking forward to spinning on her again.

The first thing I had to do was take out some of the excess twist on the last bobbin I had spun.  It should have been easy.  But...

It was a struggle.  It pulled painfully hard.  The wheel crept cross the floor.  Heck, it practically ran.  I couldn't find any place it would work easily and happily.  I got the first spool done, but by the end of the first, the wheel was practically falling apart.  I tightened up all the screws.  I changed the string on the brake.  I did everything that seemed to be wrong, but the wheel wasn't happy.  Later today, I am going to sit with it and baby it to try to figure  out what the trouble is. Maybe it just wants to spin. Maybe it doesn't want to play plying games with me.

My living room is cluttered with tools, and chairs that belong elsewhere, and things taken out but not used and not finished with.

So, though I tried to play, things weren't ready.  And I have a full kiddie week.  This evening.  Maybe. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

I Aim To Misbehave

Over the last few days there has been a lot of not knitting.  Some knitting but much more not knitting.  A lot of time went into getting my small second bedroom organized.   For a bit there, it was the empty box room and the spare second mattress room, the furniture I did not know what to do with room, the boxes I couldn't unpack till I could get to the spare furniture storage place.   I did not want that room to become a dumping ground and it was becoming much too easy to let things lay and close the door.

Part of my work was simply to get the spinning fibre organized and to make a clean and easy path to its home is in the nice big closet.  It was becoming very important to me to get to the spinning fibre.  I have lots at hand, but I wanted to find the flyer for my Julia wheel.  I wondered if the flyer still had a bobbin of spun singles on it. I have a strong feeling I am missing one since moving from my wee house.

No, I did not.  Strong feelings can sometimes be misleading.

So, I had to sit back and submerse myself in some Jane Austen.  

This charming book was given to me at my usual spinning morning.  Frazzledknitter, you are a value beyond riches.  It's perfect.  It consoled my weary spirits while I sipped my tea.  For a book of 10 words, there is a lot to absorb!  If you haven't seen these books before, it is well worth your while to pick one up.  They are adorable.  It is probably the only way I will ever finish War and Peace.

With the settling is well in hand, I think it is time that I take a little me time.  I really need some time to play.

I spun this lovely green last fall as a bit of an experiment.

I wanted to try spinning something loftier and I wanted to try for a 3 ply.  Its been sitting here for a while now and I have to say, I am a little leery of my plying abilities.  The singles turned out very nicely and I would hate for them to be ruined by poor plying.

My goal for the weekend is to get past my small fear and ply.  If it goes well, I might have a plying party of sorts and free up all my bobbins!  If it is a really bad job, I can always take it apart again. A nasty prospect, but possible.

 I am going to prepare by watching The Gentle Art of Plying by Judith MacKenzie.  There are lots of other great videos out there, but I have this one, and there is so very much to learn from it.  There is also a good Abby Franquemont video out in the ether.  I want to watch that again too. I have a little reading to do as well.  I am hoping my spinning books will have additional hints and tips and tricks.

I am a desperate woman with time on my hands and an almost clean and organized house.   "I aim to misbehave." (Firefly, Joss Whedon)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

On Flaps

On an airplane, a flap is used to lower the minimum speed that the plane can be safely flown at and they also increase the angle of descent for landing.  On a sock, the first part does not apply, but a sock flap does indeed prepare your knitting for the dramatic change in angle that is about to happen.

And this sock flap is now done.

Now isn't that just the prettiest thing?  A nice turned heel?  I still have to pick up the gusset stitches and do the cuff, but from here on in, it is nice comfortable knitting.

Till the second sock, that is.