Friday, 24 March 2017

Purse Knitting

When I was still working at a regular job, I carried up to 3 projects with me at all times, and very often my only purse was a knitting bag more than a purse. These days, my purse is often more of a junk bag than a knitting bag or a purse.  I really need to clean it more.

I always carry a project with me, though I very seldom get time to work on it. It generally only gets knit on when I am with my kiddies.  I don't wait in lines.  I have the luxury of picking slow times to do my shopping.  Then again I don't do very much shopping.  I have almost everything I need.  My doctor gets me in to her office incredibly efficiently.  I have only waited once but it doesn't count.  I went extra early so I would have time to knit.  Most of my purse knitting time is when I am with my kiddies and there is just too much to do with them, to get a lot of time to knit.

But still, there is progress.

A pair of socks for Marcus and I ought to be able to get another pair for Cassie out of this too.  I think there will be some left to make Carter a pair, but we shall see.  It is entirely possible that he will get his own colour of yarn with his big brother, Isaac.

The yarn is Meilenweit Cotton Fun, a 45 % cotton, 42 % wool, and the rest nylon blend that is one of my favourite blends of yarn for socks.  It is perfect for summer camping and playing outdoors on cool spring days.

Sadly, I knit a smidgen too much yesterday without checking if it was time to go to ribbing.  A couple rows will have to come out today.  Which is going to be a lot of fun, if Marcus 'helps' and decides to run with it. 

The other socks that have not been purse knitting so far, but that might become such, today, are these interesting things.

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the company this blank is from, but it is very cool.  I just love how random it turns out knit up after starting from this.

This sock is a rather simple pattern, the Lichen Ribbed Socks,  from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.  These are the pattern with a twist because that is how I roll.  Toe up but with a basic rounded toe, a slip stitch heel flap using Maia Spins still excellent after all these years, Toe Up Gusseted Heel turtorial, and the ribbed pattern starts as soon as possible after the heel turn, because it occurred to me that I could.

As ever, there are always interesting things to knit, even more or less plain socks because all knitting is interesting.  To me and I hope for you too. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A quick one

It's going to be a quick one today.  It should be a day of rest for me, but I have  things I must do.  I have a little time this morning and though I will knit on the lovely shawl or perhaps my sweater to get that finished, I feel I would like to spin.

I have always wanted to get into a routine of spinning a little bit everyday.  Knitting is so natural to me and has been from the first, but to fit spinning in has been harder.  So to feel this way in the morning is unusual.

I am working on a silk and wool pencil roving that has a very different feel on my hands.  It is just so smooth.  It is a little intriguing. 

So I might spin. Till it is time to go be busy.

I'd rather be spinning and knitting and quiet in my day today.  With a little luck, it will go fast.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

After that

After the sorry events of yesterday, I sat down and did some soul soothing knitting.

I have begun.  

I love lace knitting.  I don't love errors in lace knitting, but I sure do love knitting lace.  There is just something so musical in it.  It is hypnotic and soothing and mystical in all kinds of ways.

It is as I suspected it might be, I present the Lilac Leaf Shawl by Nancy Bush.  To be honest, I was not 100 percent sure that would be it till I sat down to cast on.  

I looked over my fairly long list of shawl possibilities and each of them was cast aside for one reason or another.  Some were too ornate and too fussy.  Hard to believe I am saying that, but there are some that I might wear but my much more conservative, with respect to shawls, sisters might think were like wearing a table cloth.  I think too, that my sisters will see them more useful if they consider them scarves.  Simpler designs.  Wider rather than deep shawls.  And very few beads.  No matter how lovely they look, beads against a cold neck in the deep of winter doesn't work.   

This shawl answered all my questions.  I simply love it.  There is such an elegant simplicity to it.  Large motifs.  Airy. Light.  These are the most striking features of this design.   One day I will make it for me.  

I am making one change to the shawl as written.  I have lots of yarn so I am making it wider by two motifs (9 instead of 7).  While I want it to be useful as a scarf, I also want it to be deep enough for really significant wrap.

So, onwards.  Most mornings I get a good chunk of time to knit and have a quiet coffee before heading off to babysit.  The sun peaks in my north east facing window at just the right angle.  It's an unexpected little bonus.  Onwards.