Friday, 24 November 2017

So Life

Life has a funny way of doing it's own thing, completely disregarding your plans.  I was planning to take myself out to dinner this evening.  It is my wedding anniversary, and I still like to mark the day we always did, by going out .  I planned to do all my Christmas prep on the three big projects.  I had coordinated my helper and purchased all the supplies.  And then I was going to an event at Bremner House.  It's a local historical site and it was going to be a first for me. I've been avoiding doing much of anything and I'm starting to see how much it is a purposeful act. Time for that to stop and I was looking forward to step one.  But life got in the way.

Not in a happy way either.  My daughter in law Amy's grandmother is seriously ill.  So I am standing in as Grandma at Miss Amy's Dayhome.  She only had two kids today, one a before and after school care and the other, a cute little 3 year old.  So it's me and Carter plus one.  Scott could not make the trip because of work, so he will be home.  It's a working weekend for him too so I will be  with Carter tomorrow and Sunday too, so no event for me.  Unless Carter will cooperate and he comes with me.  I have to talk to his dad and see what dad thinks.

I have knitting with me.  I finished the hat badly and so it is with me to redo.  I knit it too it long so the inside was pushing the outside in an odd way.  I took off 5 rows and am doing decreases faster and, with luck, it will be right. 

I have some socks to work on too, but they will be evening knitting.  Until then , think of me, chasing three year olds around and having a a good, if tiring time.

Other things can wait.  I  pray that Amy's family find peace and ease as they try to adapt to life's new challenges and the sorrow that will come their way.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Feeling Pretty Pumped.

It doesn't look like much to an unschooled eye.

Just an amorphous blob with some weird bunchy bits.  To my eye it is really pretty grand.  I am pleased with the way the colourwork turned out.  The two different yarns worked together just as I hoped.  And the colours inside are exactly what I was aiming for.

Isn't that grand?!! 

 And this view, with the outside tucked in so I can check where I need to start decreases.  Once I get through this next gray section,  I think on the second row, possibly the third, of the next blue green section, decreases will begin.  The trick on a hat lining is to be just a smidgen shorter than the outer hat.  I suppose you could wear it inside out if you wished but then 

why would you?  And I still have plenty of yarn left for another hat using the Gradient and the Felicity and plenty of the Mule Spinner too.  From the Mule Spinner I can easily get mittens and another hat.  

I'm kind of wondering if I shouldn't be making one for me.  I do need mittens for the car, and a hat might be worthwhile too.  My drive is farther now, through quite a bit of open country and common sense says a car hat and maybe two, for emergencies might be just the ticket.  The other thing is, my large head is being used for trying on this hat. Normally I hate the way I look in hats, but I think I could wear one of these.  

Getting to this point on an earflap hat is such fun.  All along, you have to guess a bit.  Is the hat too large?  Too long?  It feels that way on the outer hat and it is so easy to doubt the process, but that outer hat has to be large enough to fit smoothly over the inner hat, which should fit reasonably snug.   On a hat like the ribbed one I completed last week, fit doesn't matter so much.  The stretchy rib carries the fit, but on a smooth hat with no ribbing, you have to be a little closer.  It is so much fun to know that the decisions you made will work out just fine.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

More Colourwork!

Not quite done the colourwork.  I think I have 4 rows to go.  I could have finished it, but though I am knitting a fair bit, in every way, I am letting my hand dictate how long.  It is so much better, but I don't want to injure it again because I am not listening to it.

I love the way this is working out.  The Mule Spinner is adding just the right lofty oomph to beef up the Felcitys warm factor.  It poufs out quite perfectly against the much more subdued dark gray.

In a weird way, the colourwork knitting might be very good for my hand.  The motions are not nearly as repetitive as plain knitting.  I vary positions of fingers and hand far more often as I move around.

Which brought to mind another sweater I started and then put down.

I bought the book and yarn for the Rams Horn Cardigan a while ago at Prairie Lily Knitting in Saskatoon.  I started but it was slow going.  I put it into hibernation as I prepared to move and get settled here.  It's been on needles since October last year!  I never meant it to sit that long.


and knitting.  One of the reasons it sat was a fear of knitting bottom up.  I've done this before.  I have no idea why it is making me feel so hesitant right now, but it surely is.  I debated restarting from the top down, but you know what.  I think I will stick with what I have.  Knitting from the bottom up isn't scary and I really hate when I let a really silly fear stop me doing something I really want to do. Fear is a response that has uses to keep you safe, but safe from knitting?  Never.  All knitting is safe.  I might be in danger of a sweater.  Shocking!

So, when this hat is done, I am going to put some serious effort in on this sweater. But first, before Christmas, I have a one other sweater to complete.  So you know, first after Christmas.  Or something like that.