Friday, 13 December 2019

Watch this space.

I have seen that on empty storefronts in malls and on wire mesh fence surrounded abandoned looking lots.  Watch this space.

I have even seen it on a sign in the middle of a low often water filled spot along highway 16 near Saskatoon.  Watch this space.

That's  how I feel this morning.  Like something is waiting, burgeoning inside me just waiting to pop out.  Partly it is the time of year and partly, it is my plans for the new year.  I am going to do a few things that I have wanted to and planned for a while.  I am thinking of these things bigtime as I tie this quilt. 

Quilt tying is giving me a lot of time to think.  Watch this space.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Tying of the quilt commenced yesterday.  

The batts are firmly held in place by two of the outer edges tied two rows in.  It establishes the grid that it will all be done in and I hope it prevents the batt inside from shifting around now that I have begun.

From here I just keep tying.  To amuse myself I am not tying in strict lines, but in sections.  There is less overall moving of the whole comforter that way, and I hope less moving means the whole process goes faster.  

I found that there was a limit to what I could do in one day, even with breaks.  After a while, the tips of my fingers got over sensitized and I had to stop.  

I am also suddenly aware that while I may have completed my pretty little floral  comforter in two days, this one is significantly larger.  Mine fits my twin sized bed nicely and is about 50 inches wide.  This one should be about 80 inches wide when it is done.  It has to cover my double sized guest bed, with a little left over for not just two people, but in case a little body ends up sleeping with mom and dad.  My timeline of two days for tying is way off.  

In my head, I thought that I could work slowly and it would be complete by Sunday night.  I envisioned doing my holiday decorating in my rest breaks.  To get this done by Sunday, it is going to take a pretty massive bit of work and an unusual amount of stick-to-it-ivness.  

Decorating will happen.  It just might happen a lot closer to Christmas than I planned.  Oh well.  

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


The ribbing is finished.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

And even better, it fits and not only fits but fits amazingly.  

If I had been knitting to pattern, I am sure it would be fine, but since my sweaters have to fit non standard sized me, every knit is a wing it.  No matter what, I worry that when I am done, it will be too small or too large.  I worry that my gauge lied.  I worry just because.  

Confirming it fits is a really nice thing to find out.  Just sleeves left to do but not just yet.  First, quilt tying.  That is up next.