Friday, 9 October 2015

Of a morass and bits and ends.

I was baking buns yesterday.  Many of you would call them dinner rolls but at my house and in my world, they are buns.  Buns buns and more buns.  

And in between, I did this.

I keep the dpns in a vase that is supposed to be with all the others in the study, but it more often found by the rest of my knitting tools.  I spent way too much time searching through the morass of needles and I often felt like I couldn't find what I was really looking for.

What kind of surprised me was that I don't have more of a few things and that I have so many of others. 4 mm needles I am looking at you.  for some unknown reason, I have 4 sets.  I am sure there was logic to it when I bought them, but...

In other seriously fine news, I finally located the missing needle for Ripstick!  It was hiding under some documents on a table it shouldn't have been on.  I now anticipate a speedy completion!

My knitting for the day was desultory.  I knit a bit on the socks.  I started an edging for the pretty little Kauni scarf I am working on. I'm having a lot of fun with that.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everybody. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

It has spoken and what did it say?

It has spoken and what did it say?

It said this!

I love the way this yarn is working.  And no it would not have been a good candidate for Geek socks.  Ah well.  The fuzzy edges have their own way of being great.

As you can see, I am still on a sock kick.  I still can't find the needle for Ripstick, and the other thing I should be knitting on is black.  I think it is the black that is keeping me in sockland. this will probably be it though for a while.

Sock heels.  I will gladly discuss sock heels.

I started doing afterthought heels when I had a lot of socks and was trying to knit some socks for my sisters.  The Yarn Harlot had a sock that she ended up using the technique on and I had to investigate.  and its been a great addition to the heel library.  It is based on Elisabeth Zimmermann's afterthought pocket, where you don't insert a strand of waste yarn but cut a single stitch of knitting at the point you want to insert the pocket or in this case, heel.  For me, it was a way to knit for others almost to completion and let me free to gift any pair to anybody.

I also use it whenever I just feel like knitting and need to find a not thinking place. I use it when I have enough socks and just need to knit socks, such as right now.  I use it when I am knitting for someone and I don't know what size shoe they wear.

This past year, I have knit several different kinds of heel flap heels, short row garter stitch heels, and made socks for afterthought heels.  Some of the last bit are worn as a tube sock in the end, particularly monster socks, from all the leftover bits and pieces.

I like varying it.  It keeps things fresh.  It's interesting technical fun to understand how the different heels fit, even when the variation between heel construction is very small.  I have tried the sweet tomato heel and plan to get to the fish lips kiss heel sometime soon.  Plenty of heels and socks in the sea still to try, even though I have been knitting them and wearing them exclusively since 2008.  Its just interesting.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Speak Your Peace

It was an odd day yesterday.  I was overcome by the need to bake and clean.  The need to clean is always an oddity here at Chez Needles and should be remarked upon.  I cleaned up enough to bake and resisted all further impulses.  My neighbor came to tea after lunch and I helped her with a wee bit of a knitting conundrum too, so the day was lovely, but it was not what I was planning.   

The other odd thing was that I misplaced the needle for Ripstick.  It, the needle, being off till I start the neck edging, has gone on a bit of a wander and I am going to be a bit hard pressed till I find it, to finish.  I can do sleeves because they need a shorter cable or dpns, so that will be my next step.

In the meantime, I picked up the other ball of my pretty stripey yarn, figuring to pop another Geek sock on my needles.  

This is the photo on the original ball of yarn.  I saw the colours and the strong contrasts and felt it would be perfect for Geek Socks.  Only , now that I have knit a pair using the Geek Socks pattern, I know that it isn't. Not for a premium looking pair anyway.

I started the toe and knew pretty quickly that I completely loved what was happening.  Hot pink and peppy orange are so right together.

With the subtle colour changes, I started to wonder if my geeky plans were right for the yarn.  

Geek socks need at least 3 rows of solid colour to show off the very cool pattern. This yarn is showing more of a shifiting effect, where the colour seems to change subtly halfway through a row and then go back to the original colour.  It looked more like the sort of thing you want when you are looking for a softer colour change.

I decided to knit a few rounds.

I don't think it is going to do it.  Not for Geek Socks anyway.  I pulled out a bunch more yarn to see what was coming down the pipes so to speak. 

 Next up is a lovely neapolitan ice cream section.  It looks yummy enough to eat and I love it.  But not for Geek Socks.

Sometimes you have to let the yarn speak it's piece.