Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Goofin around

I escaped my office by heading to the yarn store.  It was kind of stupid.  If I end up poor in my retirement, at least I will be happy.  Just sayin'.

And then I really ought to head to bed.  Wednesday is always such a long day and yet the urge to knit something is unbearable.  I'm back here in my study with all the yarn.  The good needles and all my WIPs are in the living room.  What to do.  I grabbed some needles and a ball of todays new yarns and just played.  Not hard play, just play.

 Kauni.  That pretty blue.  Everybody can use this pretty blue in the colours they could wear.  I want a triangle but one that is wider than long, so I am increasing with a yarn over at the start of each row and then a knit front and back in the first stitch.  It is working just how I hoped.

I have been dreaming of something hap shawl-ish. Or not.  I have no idea why, but I want the edging to be one of those lovely feather and fan variations, something wavy and warm and wearable at all times of year.  Pretty without being thought provoking.

I know that what I probably need is something thought provoking, but I just don't think I have thinking in me right now.  Too much work thinking.  I just need release and good old garter stitch does that every time.

So  there you have it.  Wasting time wisely, just goofin around.  And loving it.
I am quite determined to keep working on Viajante even as I play in yarn and as I tend to my knitting.  I might be dreaming of new yarn things, but I still work on the old.

I stopped to get a library card last evening.  Its been tough finding time to fit it in.  I thought of it, and zipped over just before the library closed.  Its not an active card yet but will be by the end of the day.

I mostly want access to digital resources.  ebooks.  There is so much that reminds me of my first library experience in this last.  

When I was a kid, my school had a library and there was a tiny library of books in the vestry at the church.  When I was in grade 3, my teacher asked if I wanted to join the provincial library. Of course I did.  

The provincial library sent out pamphlets and lists of books that they had.  You filled in what you wanted off the list and they would send it to you in the mail. You could ask for a title that wasn't on the list and they would send that too.  It was wonderful getting books in the mail.  

Within a year or so, I think as part of the centennial celebration, they took the entire collection and established regional libraries and local libraries.  The books would shift through the system and eventually the entire collection of books would hit your town. You could ask for a book and it would be brought in for you, if a title you wanted wasn't there.

In so many little ways, the digital age has made the library experience feel like the old time experience with the provincial library.  You look at lists of books, you pick, and if you can't find what you are looking for you can join the interconnected system and check out those resources.  Its kind of neat.  And just a little bit dejavu.

Monday, 2 March 2015

2 small things

Well, there you have it.  Two momentous things happened on the weekend.  

I made it past the end of ball one.  It took half my knitting time on Saturday but even though it seemed  it wouldn't, the first ball of yarn finally came to and end.  I won't even show ball two.  It's almost heartbreaking at the size of the thing.  But it marks half done.

I also finished a pair of socks!
I used a toe up gusseted heel for these and they are just the tiniest smidge too long.  I am debating living with them, or taking out a row or three on the foot.  I suspect, me being me, will choose to live with them.

And we played in yarn.  Oh I had a lovely time.  My daughter in law came and was working with the yarn, taking photographs, and I gave her free rein to go into any of the yarn.  There are boxes out and open that haven't seen the light of day in far too long.  It will be rectified.  

I think my plan for this week is going to be play.  I do feel as if I am in the doldrums.  I feel mildly stagnant and I can't think of anything so nice as digging in the yarn to wake my creative urges.  Its time to go through it all, sort and resort and reorganize all the boxes to get the most efficient packing.  I know there are boxes that have sweater quantities taken out and I look forward to finding room for more yarn!


Friday, 27 February 2015

In dreams

I dreamt of knitting for a bit last night and then every other dream I had, had a very fine thread of yarn running across the landscape.  Across hills. In rooms.  Everywhere that fine delicate thread.

I'm dreaming of Vijante and that small ball of mostly green.