Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Takes Till Wednesday To Tell

I had such a good weekend that here it is, Wednesday, and I still have stuff to tell about what I did on the weekend. It could actually take till Thursday, but I'm not quite ready to show that and I do have to save some stuff for later. For now I will tell you about the rest of the things I meandered through last weekend.

I started a sock.  

It looks like an ordinary sock but it is special right from the get go.  It was a found sock.  This is one of the yarns that I had pulled out to use for the Sock Arms style Paw Patrol sweater.  I was going to measure out how long the pink section was and found a garter square toe and the first couple rounds complete on a sock.  No needles, no dropped stitches.  Just a found toe.  To not turn that into a completed sock would be a travesty of sock toe knitting, so I put all the stitches on needles and just kept going.  What must have happened was that I needed the needles or found prettier yarn to knit.

But this sock is more than just a plain sock.  The podcasts that I have been listening to regularly have been talking a lot about Vanilla is the New Black socks.  Not toe up you say?  Haha!  Vanilla Reversed!  This is the pattern I am using of course, though I my give a go to the top down version as well. Sock well begun in my books.

Sunday evening I did something else, something completely different.  I pulled out some cotton and warped up my new little loom from Purl & Loop.  (This is a dangerous site.  Very dangerous, but a lot of fun. They have trees.  And ornaments.  To weave.  They have all kind of fun looking little looms. Purl and Loop, you are killing me.)

I wasn't project swatching, but was just giving it a test drive.  I wanted to see how it would work and to see if there were any quirks I needed to understand in order to get a good gauge swatch.  I got this.

It's not perfectly square, not perfectly woven and not at all perfectly finished, but it is a perfectly serviceable little mug rug.  It fits even the largest mugs.

This is one of those Corningware soup mugs, or as I call it, a coffee mug for 'those' mornings.   

Today is one of those mornings.  I woke at 4 and fell asleep again just after 6 as I was debating getting up.  I finally woke at 7:30 so everything is running just a little late today.  No matter.  I have no list of tasks today, no errands. The only thing on my radar is to knit a soft little green and blue scarf and to work on a sweet little blue sweater.  And maybe a sock.  Or a shawl.  Or...      

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Stopping the Chill on the Back of My Neck

All this focusing on shawls and pretty things for around my neck brought to mind task that I needed to do before we get deep into winter.  It is time to give my shaws a good airing.

From the time I started knitting, these small shawls have been my badge of honour, a reminder to myself that I was more, that I could do and be anything.  They were shield through some very hard times.  Through the last couple moves, they were tucked aside and only a chosen few that had been pulled out, were worn regularly.  I had my large shawls tucked in my sweater chest, and that has been enough though I wear something at my neck almost everyday for at least part of the day.  The back of my neck is always cold.  Seeing these pretty things laid out across my bed makes me want them back in service doing the job they have always done..

I currently keep my shawls and scarves, each tucked in a bag, in an underbed storage box and while it works, it is more a pain than anything.  It is an irritant to get them out and put them away so they end up sitting quietly unworn or in an untidy pile on my dresser.  Harrumph.

Some of my favourites, the delicate Viajante, the brilliant turquoise Aestlight, the pretty golden Eye of Partridge shawl made from  gift yarn from Brian.  I will never forget Brian's retelling of his first visit to the yarn store, nor Barb and Marcene's laughing as I told them.  And that brilliant Noro shawl on the end.  

And my first knitted thing from my first real spinning in that soft undulating blue or the Kureyon green shawl that always was commented on when I wore it.  I treasure the memories of that stormy day at the yarn store, matching yarns to make striped shawls and that plain blue lace scarf above?  It remains the only thing I ever won in any contest. It is such a beautiful thing. And way at the back is the softgreen shawl I wore in Kiev to Anthony and Olga's wedding. 

And light summer colours that remind me of friends and my pretty yellow Oscilloscope Shawl that I mean to knit again.  It was so much fun.  And there at the back a treasured prayer scarf.

And that bright blue summer wrap whose colour taunted me daily at the store until I bought it.  The shawl is Tuscany from No Sheep for You and still is one of the most fun knits I have ever done, and the Damson in the blues and blacks and the soft cream to black of my small Multnomah Shawl.

I need to find a better way to store these pretty things, something with easier access, but also where I can see them.  When they are out, they will be worn and I really want to do that again.  They will do much to keep the chill of winter away.  

Here at home, I dress pretty simply but I have to work to keep the painting clothes and pajamas from being my dominant style.  Now that winter is here, with all these pretty shawls in view, I am really determined to wear them...with my painting clothes and pajamas.   Time to turn up the heat on the back of my neck and on my style.  

Monday, 15 October 2018

On the Way to Fiery Red

It was such a lovely weekend.  Our east of the city knitting group got together Saturday down at the coffee shop.  I had the lunch this time.  It was delicious.  Perogies very close to as good as my daughter in laws.  Very close.  And then I just knit.  And did stuff that I wanted to do. 

Getting together with other knitters was a good time to get out my shawl and work on it.  Garter stitch and socks are the very best knitting get together knitting ever.  

I've been picking away at the second section of the First Point of Libra Shawl slowly.  About two weeks ago, the rows started to feel short.  Since the rows started to feel shorter,  I've moved my right side marker after each time I worked on it.  I needed it to keep me going.  It is a lot of gray.  Without that, it felt like I was getting nowhere and that marker was proof that some days, I did a lot of work on the interminable middle.

I am thrilled to say I am out of the interminable middle!

Late Saturday, I picked up the stitches for section three and without blinking, knit four garter ridges in the lovely yellow from the Wildfire colourway of Sweet Georgia's Party of Five Tough love Sock gradient.   

You can see how the gradient flow in this section one picture.  Section three has you work along one long side of the down facing triangle starting with the first colour that you worked, giving you a nice uninterrupted colour flow, a very clever colour construction!  

You continue on, working the rest of the gradients in this section, slowly getting through the warm rich russet and that brilliant fiery red.

I'm about halfway through this project.  The first ball of the grey Semi Solid Hat trick yarn is almost used up and the gradients were about half used in section one.  It is starting to have the lovely draping weight that fingering weight shawls have when they are knit to the size this one will be when it is done.  

This pretty shawl was one of the things I marked as a project I wanted to complete this year on my personal Ravelry challenge.  I had ten projects, some WIPs, some new knitting that I wanted to see completed this year.  Six of the ten are done and this one is not too far behind  and will be completed easily.  I think.  Not that I want to jinx myself.   

Last week I struggled.  That is gone and I have a few tricks up my sleeve this week to make sure it stays gone. Right now, I feel as if all my cylinders are firing and I am ready to go where knitting takes me.  

But first laundry.  Sigh.  Because life.