Friday, 27 November 2015

Back to business

That is how I feel today. And it has nothing to do with a job interview or anything.  It is that all the small projects are done, that I am back on my planned work.  The hats and the blob made me feel so off course, but that is done now.  Well, the blob isn't but I am almost at the end of the sleeve cap.  another hour or two of work and it will be on to the sleeve itself, plus I have a process in place for getting large swaths of it done.

Yesterday I pulled out the Still Light tunic for my daughter in law.  What with all these visits to her house to play with my sweet kiddies, I managed to get her to try it on.  And guess what?

It fits!  I's so close to the right length that the shortfall I was worrying about will come about with wear.  This is alpaca and it will do its lengthening just about how you want it to be.  If I would have done another set of increases, it would have been fine, but this is ok too so we are going with it.  She was a little disturbed at the width of the front till I showed her how the pockets turn under in the finishing.  she was also disturbed at how short it was, till I told her how many inches there are left to knit!  I think the picture of the completed garment has gone from her mind.  That is how long this has been on the needles.

To the rest of the world, it looks exactly like that.  In my head, in my knitter's blindly optimistic soul, this is no longer just knitting.  This is a sweater, an fine stylish almost finished one.  I might have 10 or twelve inches of length, two sleeves, and the pockets still to knit.  I may not have used half the yarn so far, but in my heart of hearts, this sweater is done.

So much of this is plain stockinette that it is going to be my potato chip knitting, my sock knitting, my don't have to think about it knitting.  I can do it while playing with the kiddies, and while chasing puppies.  I'm good. I got this.

Unbridled optimism.  Another thing to add to the long list of things I learn from knitting.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The need

I always wanted to knit because I wanted sweaters.  Not sweaters like I could buy in the store, but something better. Eventually, that became something that fit better than what I could find in the store, but I have always been about the sweaters.

Out of the blue, I got a call yesterday about a job that I applied for back in March.  There is little chance I will get it, I am outside their target group, but it would be so lovely.  It would be only a 5 minute commute which would be the nicest thing about it.  No city driving.  

And the first thing I thought about was Ripstick.  I wish I had paid attention to it so that it was done.  It would be such a great sweater to wear to an interview.  

I will look at it but I don't really expect there is enough time to do all the finishing and I do want the finishing to be right.   I only short change myself, if I shortchange the finishing of a lovely garment.

There is always the lovely Myliu Lino to wear.

With a dark winter shirt underneath.  Perfect.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A feast of hats

All of them are just so cute!

Isaac will have to wear his without rolling the brim but the others all will be able to roll the brims nicely.  I am very pleased with this kind of cuteness.  Still all cuteness must end, and I am done with knitting them.  Done done done.  

I just wish I was done knitting the blob, but once again, I have managed to avoid it.  I feel very conflicted about this since it is getting quite cold and I sure could use it.  But I take heart that I am learning a lesson on this coat.  


Not too bad for a simple lesson I ought to have learned a long time ago.


It snowed yesterday.  It is supposed to snow. It's winter.  I guess that is normal.

But I don't have to like it.

I will be outside shoveling.  Or something like that.

OK, I haven't tried to shovel yet.  My neighbour did it for me.  He is nuts, if I may be so bold as to say that and I love that about living here.  All these nutty people making me feel cared for.

One of the guys bought a blower last year, just a leaf blower, but he used it to do a whole lot of snow clearing.  My plan is to use one I bought earlier in fall to keep my deck clean and to do the small snows.  I had it all set up to go out and do it, till I was ready to plug it in.  The plug was built up so that it could only be used with a single ended plug.  I had to go out for an appointment, and then came back and did some plastic surgery on the plug end.  Good to go I thought.

I went out to try it.  I was so full of excitement and the feeling that yes I could do this.  I really could take care of the outdoor stuff, or at least some of it. Flipped the power switch and...No power.  No sound.  No blowing.  The outdoor plug is dead. I checked.  I came back inside and plugged the unit into a standard outlet.  Works fine.  Checked the breakers.  All is good.  The plug is really dead.

My get up and go left as fast as it came.  I will sort it out later, after I have coffee.  Because when all the world is falling apart, knitting and coffee are all that keeps me sane.