Friday, 7 August 2020

Sock weather.

I feel as if I have spent the whole week driving.  Seriously, I used an entire tank of gas this week and that was only the fourth tank that I have put in my car this entire year.  But it was all good.  Some of it was spent going to Devon and the rest of it was used taking kids back to their home.  Thankfully their dad brought them to me in the evening so all I had to do was take them back..
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His sister wasn't around during pictures.  She was enjoying the freedom of her bike.  Marcus was learning to play chess.  It didn't last long.  At this point he prefers x's and o's but only because you can stack the very cool pieces.

What have I been up to?  Well, not much since I wrote last.  I have a dress that just needs the skirt attached and the hem done and that is about it.  Just one of those weeks and I am not surprised.  It has, oh yes and hard to believe I am saying this, but it has been too hot to knit.  There have been a few days, yesterday included where thinking was almost too much in this heat.  

I know that I can tolerate it, and that if I had to get used to it, I would, but I am not really a hot weather soul.  Hot beaches are not my forte, though when it is -40, it does sound appealing, but it really isn't something I go looking for.   Hot bath, yes, but then that is just a momentary thing isn't it, and a hot bath even on a hot day can make you feel better.  

I am much more interested in damp cold and the sort of weather where I can wear lovely sweaters and feel just perfectly comfortable.  

Hot as it was yesterday, today is chilly.  30 C yesterday and 12C today. And now it is time to do what I came in to this room to do.  Time to put on socks. 12C is sock weather.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

More kids today.  Shiny happy people everywhere.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Shiny Happy People

The rain

I got to visit these shiny happy little people on Saturday.  Still keeping the two weeks quarantine but hugging and kissing did go on.

My littlest peanut, Emmett, as a boy, noteworthy because sometimes he is a puppy or more occasionally a kitty as well as being a boy.

And Carter who does a great job as big brother as well as a helper grandma when the biggest big brother is away. And who is a whiz at games and lovew when grandma watches him.

These two were beyond a doubt, the best part of the day, but a little knitting highlight got to happen and that was, that their mamma got to try on her sweater and she loves it and even better, it fits wonderfully.  


See that cast off edge?

The cast off the the body of the sweater.  I did have the back shirttail hem to knit, before the little ribbing, but it took almost no time at all. The way Joji does that back is just so elegant.  

The only real decision left on this sweater is if the sleeves will be lace as in the pattern, or if they will be stockinette.  I lean to lace but I think the lace would have to be something more in line with the lace from Tabouli.  I have an idea in mind, but I am not sure just what will happen yet.

Button bands are going on right now, to give me just a little more time to think about sleeves. It feels like it happened rather suddenlly.  Running out of yarn?  Not a worry any longer.  There is plenty of yarn for long sleeves and a slouchy hat if I wanted.

One other delight in my knitting world this last week.  I treated myself to a lovely new midsummer read.  A real actual physical book to read and drool over.

I need another stitch dictionary like I need another hole in the head but want has little to do with need and I wanted this.  

I just addore the delicate beauty of Hitomi Shida's knit motifs.  Somewhere in life, I hope to get the time, rather, make the time to knit an afghan in the designs from this and the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible also by Hitomi Shida.  

Or a sweater.  Or a hat.  Or mittens.  I could go on.  It is so inspring.