Friday, 23 February 2018

One Fifth

I checked this morning and I am done one fifth of the colourwork and done one fifth of the yoke. It's a little intimidating if I look at it as a whole yokes worth of knitting, but much less intimidating if I look at it as sections or unique motifs in this colourwork design.  I am knitting the very last bit of the first major motif in the colourwork pattern.  Yay me.

Colourwork isn't something I am fast at.  This patterning is exacerbated by my choice to use two colours.  

I am working carefully to be sure that there are no tight strands across the backside of the work and what I am finding is that I have to work much harder to keep the strands loose on the hand that is my regular tension hand.  I noticed that same thing on the hat I knit for my neighbour last fall: if strands on the backside were tight, it was always the regular tension hand with the trouble.  

Really focusing on the work going on on the sweater, makes the whole process slower but slower means fewer problems and less ripping back.  So it is all good.

I really am enjoying the slow process in this yarn.  I just love the feel of these sink your fingers into it layers.  It is cushy and squishy and thick without any density or heaviness at all.  And there isn't going to be any problem at all with float lengths.  All of these yarns love to cling to each other.  Not to the point of unworkable, mind, but none of these yarns are yarns that I will have to worry about not staying where they are put. The carried floats will cling to each other by the time it is worn and washed a few times. 

So, on to knitting the next large motif in the design, and moving just a little farther up the yoke. 


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Nap time

Our power is going off today while they do some maintenance work on something or other.  It seems to me that turning power off in winter is a stupid idea but hey, it happens and I have wool.  

I plan to nap and crawl into bed if it gets too cold.  All my devices are charged so I can read some audio books during the enforced time out. I also have a couple of movies on my old playbook tablet, also fully charged, which still acts as my alarm clock.  Best alarm ever.  

So lots to do while the power is out.  I'll be fine and I can have a completely normal nap if it gets too chilly.  

Napping, my favourite thing. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Two Things

I am sure that I knit on the sweater for hours yesterday.  But my net gain doesn't look like much.  



I accomplished 2 and a half rows of knitting, but I knit many more than that.  Let's just say that it took a while longer than I planned to establish the pattern correctly.  On the upside, it is all good now.

This isn't a deeply complex pattern.  It's a 10 stitch repeat and the only complicated thing about it is that I've put in a second colour.  You can see why I am doing it though.  Because black and red are the most splendid colours paired with this natural toned main colour. I am in love with it even now, when it is still pretty much in my dreams.

The longer I knit this yoke, the more I become aware that this is going to be a very warm sweater.  There will be 3 strands of wool over much of the yoke and that means more upper body heat will be held close.  Held close at the neck is exactly what I need.  I can't wait to be able to wear it.  

Also, today, the Grey Shalom hits blocking.  There are a lot of ends to weave in and buttons to put on.  Today is the day for this because I am off to play with Marcus this afternoon.  Once the ends are woven in blocking commences.  By tomorrow morning it should be dry.  I can't wait.

Two things to look forward to.  One in the very near future, and the other a bit farther away.  Isn't that grand!