Sunday, 23 October 2016

Three Fer

You will be surprised when this blog tells you that this weekend was a three fer.  Three completed projects in one weekend.

1 sweater, of which there is no decent photo.  It is this because, in general, this project was an ughhhhh.  I sort of knew it.  A deep armscyce and a larger, older chest is never a good mix.  I do love the yarn and the button sides will be fine, so I am going to pop it back, and knit an upper section that works better for me.  It's a nice pattern, but we were not fated to be.

In my disappointment, I picked up a sock and early this morning, I finished that.  I am just pleased as punch about this.  It is one of the nicest yarn colour ways ever.

  Jawoll Color, colour 902.0043.  The pattern is Prism by Jaya Shrikrishnan.  It's such a pleasing blend of pattern and yarn.  All together, a very rewarding knit.

You can also see that I did my first learnt toe cast on, which is cast on and knit across and then knit down the backside picking up and knitting as you go.  The heel is Maia Spins Gusseted Toe Up heel.

And then, with a few hours left, I put another older project out of its misery.  I had decided what to do with my Onerva shawl and just needed to clean it up and finish it.

I wanted to knit a full square but I couldn't quite sort out my problem with the decreases.  I just don't have the mental energy to think about that right now, and I really wanted to get it out of the WIP pile.  So I ripped back to the midpoint, and knit some garter stitch rows and we are good.  It is done.  the yarn is going to have a ton of growth on blocking and the size is going to be just right when it is done.  Blocking is going to have to wait though.  It's just too much effort of put it out with kiddies around.

It was  three fer.  They didn't all go perfectly, but that has never stopped me before.

Well actually, it has, but I am working on that.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

When I get to knitting

Things actually happen.  Projects actually get completed.  One of the wonders of the world.  When you go and do stuff, stuff actually gets done.

 I'm on the bottom of the  vest, about at the waist.  It doesn't look like it, but the armscyce is long and lower than average.  It is what gives the vest its very laid back and modern look.

I hope.

Update:  Marcus was helping today.  I didn't quite get it all cleaned up before I published!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Back to Work

Back to knitting on my sweater.  It's easy to make good progress when there are so few stitches.
The back is under it.

I quite simply love working with this yarn.  It's mule spun, so it has an entirely different hand than other yarns.  It is said it is more like knitting with a handspun, but I couldn't say.  I haven't knit with enough handspun to be able to really say.

What it does remind me of is knitting with Noro Kureyon.  There is that same full feel, as if you are holding something really substantial.  It feels warm even as each individual stitch is formed. You know that warm is this yarns native state.  It is a simple old fashioned strength to it that has a place in this modern world.

And a funny thing.  When I posted yesterday about the book, I did not expect to find out what happened to it.  It must have been missing for a while, but my spinning friend purchased it at a library sale of discarded books a couple years ago.  Which delights me, except for my strong feeling1 that libraries ought to collect books and keep them.