Tuesday, 16 September 2014

When you order from Iceland

you might as well order a really full box.

 This isn't all of it.  This is just the lace.  It makes me happy.

I have plans.  Big plans.

That brilliant green and teal?  Courant from Twist Collective.  That pattern makes my heart sing.  And these colours will make the completed work sing.

And then, yarn for two gradient shawls.  Last time I ordered books and one of the things I ordered was the almost iconic Three Cornered and Long Shawls.  There are some lovely gradient designs in there and these almost natural colours are perfect.

I ordered the gray gradient and the brown.  

I could talk for hours about this but I have to go.  It is quarter past 7 and I have to leave in 5 minutes and I am not even dressed yet.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Two Little Ears

The Failynn Fox Cowl is a long pattern. 7 pages.  I am more or less done the knitting

but I am still only on page 4 and a half.  Most of this is because of the number of sizes she is including, but she also writes very very clearly, without being overly 'slip markery'.  Slip Markery is my term for those patterns where they write out the words slip marker every time you are supposed to slip the marker as you come to it for each and every row of knitting.  That drives me batty.  Still, there are two pages of ear instructions.

Anyway the ears are up next and I suspect that these will be finished this evening, along with buttons on the things that need buttons, for delivery this week to all the mums and babies.  

Only one hat remains and that is the purple, orange, yellow and black hat.  I have the yarn assembled but I don't think there is anyway to finish it before Tuesday, my planned delivery day.  
I'm just not that fast a knitter. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

I remember

I was working on this project yesterday evening.  I am on to the section where you would normally have just started knitting straight.  Since I am knitting straight from the get go, I'm just knitting.

 The only way to see my progress is to look at yesterdays progress and compare.  The edging that goes around the face is being worked as I go and that tells me that I knit about 3 inches last night.
It is a hooded cowl for a little girl, so there are only 10 inches to knit but I can tell it is going to go slower than I planned.  

This project reminds me why I prefer to knit with circular needles.  It.  IS.  Heavy.  I simply couldn't knit for long.  I find what I am having to do is set the carrying needle on my lap.

It reminds me a little of when I was knitting in brownies and I adopted the fine old tradition of sticking the needle between my legs and working off it.  This is not the sort of knitting I would call show knitting.  

Even so, I simply adore what is happening with the yarn.  Berroco Comfort Chunky is an acrylic and nylon yarn. It isn't anything fancy, fibrewise, but it is such a comfortable yarn to work with.  It is soft and light for a chunky yarn. This project is double stranded and it still feels like an airy project.  Just not on my wrists.  

I am a little concerned about the gauge though.  I am knitting to gauge and it looks great, but if this is supposed to be warm winter wear, it might need just a little bit more something, particularly on windy winter days.  It is a little more open than works in this climate.  If I had enough of the copper to do a third strand, it would have been better.  To fix that open quality, I am thinking about knitting a lining out of a single strand of the yarn in cream and knitting it at a nice tight gauge.  

I think too, that a lining that is a little more firm is going to give this project the look everybody loves about the pattern, that open faced standup quality as it sits on the little model's shoulders.

Anyway, enough for this morning.  I have to get on my way to work.  I would rather sit and chat but I don't think I get to chose that and still get paid.  

Darn that.  I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend of knitting and finishing and good things.