Thursday, 17 April 2014

So many things

Last night, prepared  as I was, I did not go to knit night. What with one thing, a snow squall, and another, the urgent need to stop living around boxes, I voted for staying home and building bookcases.  

And voila!
Bookcases built, 3 boxes of books unpacked, other boxes merged, and sent to the big backroom, chairs and tables set to their proper positions.  I even have a working lamp on the side table.

Even the little laptop finally has a home besides my lap.
Not its permanent place but it will do till I get the back room organized. (Pictures capture a moment of life - and all the dust.  This looks like a job for a swiffer.)

I felt the urge to tidy up.  That is a pretty rare thing so I took the time to do it and realized that there are some very pretty things that have wandered into my house over the last few weeks.
Some very lovely Shibui.  I have seen such pretty things made with this combination of yarns.  I needed a something from it.

Some eye poppingly bright sock yarn, because who doesn't need eye popping summer socks?

And some sweet soft yarn to make my wee peanut some hats.  He likes to be warm and maybe some hats will help his mommy keep him happy.

I just want to say a word about Mirage.  The blue Zara is a wonderful standby wool superwash and will be great but the Mirage is so wonderfully soft.  I am very impressed with this blend of wool and acrylic and I can't wait to see how it performs for mommy, who is not so fond of wool.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to take knitting to a knit night

Mostly you put it in your bag of course.

Several years ago, there was a traumatic evening where I was at a seminar at a yarn store where a yarn rep was giving a talk about the making of yarn.  What with one thing and another, my bag was in the back and I could not get to it.  I sat the whole evening without knitting.  In a yarn store.  

Since that time, I have always carried at least two projects in my bag.  Until the last few weeks.  In managing this move, somehow the knitting has left my bag and I have found myself without knitting a whole bunch of times.  And I hate it.  Last week, I arrived at knit night and realized, I did not have any knitting with me.  I had stopped at the old place to load up the car with stuff, and since there was no knitting left there, went to my knit night, knitless.  

So today, as a reminder of a knitter being knitless, I am telling myself how to take knitting to a knit night.

Mostly, you put it into your bag.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I am sitting here in the greatest comfort.  I have a cup of coffee made in my great big coffee maker, I haven't really availed myself of it for months.  Though it was not packed away, it was upstairs and I did not want to wake anyone up with noisy trips to the kitchen at 4 in the morning.  I revel in the luxury of it.

I am knitting this morning on my wee fella's blankie.  He likes to be warm and snug, not wrapped tight, but cozied in something warm and close to him.

 This is the one that I am where I am learning the technique of  knitting back on.  Even now after a couple of weeks of no knitting this way, and my tension is still even and smooth.  Ish.

There are still a ton of boxes and things to be put in their places - once I find their right places - so this feeling of peace and being settled and going on about the days in an ordinary way is still early and new.  

I am going to sit back and just let these small pleasures wash over me.