Friday, 22 September 2017

Knotty problems of all kinds.

Did you know your finger tips can hurt after tying hundreds of knots all day?  Me either.

The first thing I did yesterday morning was to place knots all along the top (opposite the opening at the bottom of the duvet) to hold the airy batts in place there.  The next big task, was to close up the side of the duvet with the extra fabric.  That took up a healthy bit of my morning, but by lunch time, knotting on the rest of the body was well under way.  Pilot episode of Endeavour down. I knotted all afternoon, through the rest of the first series of Endeavour.  In the evening I knotted and watched the first episode of series two.   I really really hoped to be done, but it was 9 o'clock and I wanted to stop before my will to live was gone.   I still have three rows to go down the entire length of the throw but many episodes left of Endeavour to get me through.

So, perfection.  Or not as the case may be.

I count when I am knitting lace. I count almost obsessively.  Each set of yarn overs is counted. Each set of decreases.  I check if the registration stitch* is standing alone right where it is supposed to be. Usually, all this counting means the rows end exactly as they ought and each pattern row is knit seamelssly, row after row.  Almost perfection.

This next round is not working out.  I have a bad feeling the number two is my nemesis even though nothing in this pattern is in twos.

I started this round three times before I sorted out where the problem on the first side was.  I am now on side two of the round and voila, another error.  Different one.  I looked.  I am a little frustrated, so the whole thing is on a time out right now.

Once I am finished the throw, I will pick it up again and will knit.  Maybe it will magically just work out as things sometimes do after a timeout on a project.

One way or another, this shawl, this very lovely large gradient thing of beauty has to be completed in short order.  It has to go to Ukraine with the Christmas shipment of goods my daughter in law sends.  It is early days, I know, but I have to finish the Bridgewater shawl to send as well, and that still has a few rounds of border and the edging too.  Lots of knitting still to come on both projects.

Or maybe I will knit a sock.  I don't know.  Might just eat popcorn.  It kind of depends on the way things go.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tea and a Not Needing Perfection

I did finish my tea cozy!

It worked just as I knew it would.  It extended the life of my pot of hot tea by hours.

 And then I worked on tying my throw.  This is actually the perfect thing to be doing right now.  The weather has been cold and wet, part rain, very small part snow, but completely miserable.  The only really good place to be is sitting under your blankie or a very large knitting project.

So I am.  Under my blankie that is.  I didn't work on it nearly enough yesterday, so today is going to have to show a concerted effort to have it done by days end.  Days end may have to be extended in order to get there.  

I decided not to worry so much about perfectly spaced ties.  I know that this imperfect placement of knots would drive many of you, most of you, nuts, but I am just not built that way.  I don't think I ever was and rather than feeling it is a flaw as I did for so many years, I have decided that it is a quirk and therefore just part of me.  

It is actually not that I am not interested in perfection, but that I put perfection to a different place than many and this isn't it for a couple of reasons.  First, this is a throw.  It's job is to keep my feet warm.  It is needed fairly urgently and will only very very rarely be seen by anyone else in it's lifetime (which will be long, I hope) and my toes do not care if it is perfect.  Second, I have nothing in the arsenal that remains to me, that would have made marking a grid on the topper a quick and easy task.  I used to have 2 yard sticks that could have done the job well, but I have no idea where they are now.  I thought I had them at my wee house, but they don't seem to have migrated here with me.  Third, I'd have to set up my big folding table to mark on and I just really didn't want the lazy bother.  Yeah, that says it right. Lazy was actually the deciding factor.

So I am eyeballing it and feel pretty good about it.  The fabric has a placement of designs in rows that is acting as a rough guide and that is good enough to be getting on with. For me. I'm good to go.

This is one of the reasons why I love knitting so much.  It is so fluid that it can adapt so easily to imperfections, that imperfection repeated, can sometimes lead to amazing results.  It can also lead to total crap, but that is part of the fun and the continual learning that knitting is.  

I've been thinking quite a bit about perfection this week.   It's because I'm actually trying to avoid imperfection, but I will save the rest of that story.  Today, it is time to go and put in a dvd and settle in for the long sew.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I'm a little Teapot short and stout,

I'm a little Teapot short and stout,

in need of a coat 
for when I come out.

This is one of three actively in use teapots I ended up with.  I say ended up with because this was a pot of  no real choices.  It was at the store when I needed a teapot at work.  I have tried to leave it behind and to give it away, but as you see, it remains.  Now it is just one of the gang and not my favourite.  BUT, it is the teapot that is clean this morning, so it is the teapot that will try on the tea cozy.

So, there you have it.

 I want it to sidle up tight to the table top, so I have another cable repeat to do, possibly two.  Might even be three cable repeats, because after my first attempt at a tea cozy was too short and failed to keep my tea warm, I have learned to make sure it is long enough.  I don't want the decrease rows to pull the cozy up either, so longer is better.

It looks to me as if the tea cozy will be ready in time for afternoon tea.  I may have to make some tea biscuits or scones to celebrate the occasion.