Wednesday 15 May 2024


Yesterday I showed how this new ball of yarn is different by the way it looks on the needles.  Today I will show you something else about this skein.

This skein at this gauge, over this number of stitches is doing this and I kind of like it. 

All the soft colours together.

All the bright colours together.

It is just the sort of funky fun  I really enjoy.

And why do I enjoy it?  I think it was how I was raised and by whom I was raised.  My mom and dad were such great parents.  They showed us so much about the world and all of us kids know how blessed we are that they were ours and that we were theirs.  I have been thinking about them a lot with Mother's Day just past and my dad's birth day today.  Not his birthday.  Those are past for him.  His counting of years is over to my sorrow, so this is his birth day. 

It is time to sit down and write a letter to my mom.  In a letter, you can write down all the things that are so hard to say to someone.  We share photos these days.  We share comments of the many social medias.  But in a way, those medias keep us from saying the whole of it. I wrote letters to my dad before he died, things I remembered from when I was a kid.  It was my way of saying thank you to him for all the big and small things for how rich my childhood was.   It is time to write to my mom.   I think of my mom so much when I work with my hands, when I sew, when I bake or cook.  I think of her when I read recipes and remember her drawer of recipe books.

My mom sewed and crocheted when we were kids and gardened and baked and cooked all her life.  She was a masterful baker.  Her kids remember so many great food stories and grand kids still talk about the thrill of the year she made them sticky buns for a Christmas gift and many of them bake her poppy seed rolls themselves, because she can't really bake anymore. She was very good.  Very, very good at it.  She tried to pass on these things but some of us (me) were a bit stubborn about learning, and some things never did take (again, me) but I did take in all the things that were between the lines, that were often unsaid.  Love is in all the spaces between in her life.         

Lucky is what I am.  I never forget that.  

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