Tuesday 2 April 2024

The Big Dig Day 2

 When I do a proper and complete dig in the yarn stash to air it and check on its health, it is a two day project.  This time, I am reorganizing as well, so it might take longer than 2 days.  

That means less time for knitting, particularly on the days when you wake late and are running behind all day.  The upside is that I get to play with this.

A whole bag full of reds and whites, all sorts of yarns, all utterly delicious.

Or these cones of spritely cotton.  

It is time to change out the yarns in the inspiration cabinet and look to some new sources of imagination.  I am pulling out yarns I have been thinking about a lot lately.  Some will be knit up soon.  Some are just pure pretty and are just meant for the joy of looking at lovely things.  

There is some re=sorting going on.  There are some yarns, like Drops Alpaca, that have never been put together.  For instance, there are skeins of black Alpaca in at least three different locations.  There are collections of yarn leftovers from projects, where there is enough left for hats and mitts and there are some yarns that are really just bits and ends. They are scattered through other yarns, tucked in just to put them away till I could put them away properly. Doing it now.

So it will be a work day, not a knitting day.  I get to work with all of my nicest things.  But I am still missing my kids, big and small.  It was such a good weekend.      

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