Thursday 18 April 2024


I was cold yesterday.  I had on a light sweater and an Icelandic yarn shawl and I could have gone and put on another warmer sweater but chilly was just the impetus I needed to finish the rest of the details on Utkiek.  It was waiting for buttons and ends woven in making an otherwise finished sweater unwearable.  Silly as working on warm sweater might seem as a method of feeling warm, it worked.  

I was finishing up weaving in ends when I made a snap decision about the sleeves.  The last green section made them longer than I liked and rather than weaving in ends, I pulled back the whole of that last green part of the cuff.

I reknit a plain ribbed cuff on a much smaller needle.

The cuff fit the way an open sort of cuff usually does, but I  needed to shorten things a couple inches and I want it to fit close so that when the sweater is washed and in regular wear, the sleeves and cuffs will stay out of the way, even though they are full length. I rarely use a smaller needle. I don't worry about it because my usual is a three quarter length sleeve.   

And perfect.  I am really pleased with it.  That done, I slipped the sweater on.  

It was like a warm hug. And all encompassing hug.  A sigh of warm and cozy.  It put away the chill on my back and I was surrounded by warmth. 

I already love this sweater, and I only wore it for a small part of the day.  I am wearing it again today.  That wind may be les this morning but there still is a good early spring cold in the air.  And the sweater?  Still a warm kind of hug.

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