Friday 9 February 2024


I meant to post this morning, after not posting yesterday, but suddenly there were kids here last night and since one of them is asleep on the sofa in the livingroom, I cannot get to my tablet to post pictures of what I did yesterday.  I might get there later in the day.

Suffice it to say I knit.  I knit a lot.  I decided to work on my Linger sweater.  Linger was in Knitty's Deep Fall 2023 issue and may I just say, this is going to be wonderful.

I gave it a good try on yesterday and it was so hard to take it off.  It might only be a few inches below the armpit, but it was so cozy.  I just know I am going to like this thick deep rich fabric.  It is the cozy comfort of being wrapped in the arms of someone you love.  It is not flashy but everyday.  It is a safe place where you can just be your true self.  It is the sweater of all sweaters.  

And I think it would be so no matter what yarn you are making it in. Mine are both pretty ordinary standby wools.  Nothing fancy in them at all but oh my the fabric is something special.  

Whatever knitting I get to today is going to be on that sweater. Things are setting up to be a good day.  Kids, knitting, baking cookies (the other good thing we are doing today).  What is not to love?

Update for Fay

My hands are better right now though it is something I will have to live with.  I thought it was carpal tunnel, and it is a very small bit but mostly it is arthritis.  C'est le vie.  

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Anonymous said...

Time with your grandchildren is special. I can't wait to make cookies with our first grandchild. It will be a wee while. He will be 1 year this April. Trying to decide what to make him for a sweater. Needles, I love the colours you used in your Myrtle Sweater. It is so pretty. The time for the mend will be worth it. I find for me that really is the hardest part of any project next to following the pattern itself. Glad to hear your hands still allow knitting and you have been doing tons. You certainly are a fast knitter. I am now starting to deal with arthritic issues with hands and legs. I'll have to get tips.