Friday, 17 March 2023

On a Friday

I thought about sewing today, but it just didn't feel like the right time.  I have my head in a project that I need to print up a new to me pattern so I have to wait.  There are tons of things to sew but I don't feel like it so I shall wait.  I might cut out fabric tomorrow.  I have some black and white check and some pink fine wale corduroy that I want to make a few more warm shirts for winter.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did try the smallest bit of weaving today.  

Just two wee squares to see how my hand would do and it was okay, but I wouldn't want to push it.  I rested in between doing it and took my time.  it was kind of fun.  

After that I kind of putzed around.  It was the first day of an F1 weekend so thankfully, that took up most of the morning.  After that I set puzzle.  I was doing okay, sorting and organizing and setting a bit here and there.  keith came home and he did a bit and then

Whammo.  It feels like we could actually get this one done.  It is going slower than the other really big one, but I knew that right from the start.  It is so much blue and so much green in and around and between.  

I thought about baking but the problem with baking is that then you have to eat it and that is where I am vulnerable.  So I don't bake and instead have another cup of tea.  

Knitting won't take too much longer but it is increasingly hard to leave it be till my wrists are healed. I keep looking at the bright yellow and dream about the sweater I will make.

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