Monday 23 January 2023

Sewing It Is

That is it.  Tomorrow I get back to sewing.  I still can't knit, my house is clean and I am bored to tears.  Sewing it is.

When I went through my fabrics the other day, I found a couple of fabrics that I chose for a Torrens Box Top.  I have made several of these and I love them for summer wear.  They are easy and made in cotton are perfect for summer wear.  This is the fabric I have and it is also my source. 

If you click the link, you will note that deep border of lace?  I know.  It just became something I had to have.  It was an obsession but I still only paid the buy one, get two free price.  I was obsessed, not crazy.  It's a cotton summer top and is something neat to wear around home, so all thoughts of fancy are out.  Comfortable is in.

A Torrens is a great top to get back to sewing with.  It is a simple shape and so few seams and only a small bit of finishing.  It will be a short sleeve version with no adaptations to the pattern other than what that gorgeous lace requires.  I will do only my standard deviation for a good fit on my hips.  It will be an a line Torrens.

Last time I sewed, I cut out three or four fabrics and different garments in one day and while that worked pretty well at the time, having to watch that pile all the time was a bit of a chore.  I worried about losing the small pieces or getting the interfacings mixed up.   I may cut out two Torrens, because they can easily be sewn in the course of a couple of days but beyond that, one pattern, and maybe two projects, I am not going to go.  

My hand is feeling much better but there still are twinges and I am not going to knit till it feels good with zero twitches when I do light weight work.  Soon though.  Soon.

So, sewing it is. 

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