Wednesday, 22 June 2022

A good Time to go through the socks.

I am glad I took the time to write of my quandary.  It always helps to write things down.  I am a crappy writer but a decent editor and writing, then editing clarifies everything for me.  Writing my way through the choices for yesterday, made it easy to pick and easier to avoid the ones I really did not.  It clarified all the reasons why and why not in my mind. Boring to read but an important process to go through and not so easy unless I do it the way that works with my brain.  I needed to think more honestly about what I should sew next  and what is needed next rather than feed a nameless need and that applies to yarn too.  So WIPS it was.

I dug out socks.  All of them. I really like the dirt cheap bags I found to keep them in.  a very nice and secure option.  They are just a string pull bag, but I wrap the long string around the top of the bags.  They are perhaps more secure in these than the plastic.  The hard part of this change over has been that you cannot see through these nice cotton bags.   They will be labeled before they go back into the bin this time.  

The social knitting socks.  I am pretty sure these are going to be plain socks.  If they are anything more they will only be ribbed.  I need a couple plain pair for social knitting.

The spare pair.  These are supposed to be for when I cannot fine the other plain ones for social knitting.  Usually can't find this one either.

This pair, the Gentleman's Shooting Socks.  It's a nice pattern for the days when I need something and don't want to follow a book.

A Drawer Full from the Knitmore Girl's Operation Sock Drawer book.  I've never done colourwork socks before.  I have always wanted to, but just never gotten there.  So, we shall see how I like how they feel and how they fit.  That fit is the much more important part though.  It will be nice to know and to understand.  

This pair is taken off the very dainty Baby Bootkin sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.  This one makes me laugh because this is exactly the pattern I was looking for an explanation to when I was knitting my Shetland Shawl's border.  I knew it was out there and I knew it was not what the Lewis book advised.  Here it is and I am enjoying it.

And these.  This is of socks where I felt I could improve the design of the striping by adding just a wee bit more well placed dark colour. Though I wish I had dug a bit deeper for a real black alternate yarn, this gray is very pleasing.  I meant to do a short row heel by now in the solid gray but I lost my little measuring thing and I am past the point where a short row heel ought to go.  Not much past.  I may yet pull it back and put the heel in properly.  

There you have it.  Warm toes for winter.  

No. Wait.  I have one more!  I need to keep the book at hand for these.  I keep losing my place in the pattern for the honey comb but it is a very fun and engaging knit.

And that is my round up on all things sock. I feel better and more settled.

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