Wednesday, 24 November 2021

The day that was.

I had a good day yesterday.  

I went through my camera and discovered some photos from the week the kids were here.  We get so busy that I keep forgetting to take some.  

And with my first coffee, I put the sewing room back into order.  

As it is set up now, everything stays in it's right place, but a few things are moved around to expand the bed.  After that, it is about tidying up after the little boys.  If the bed is right by the table and the bed is large, two little boys will make every opportunity to use the table as a jumping off place for their play no matter what.  They don't get into things, but they sure do enjoy themselves.  And that is where the tidying comes in.

Besides all the things I want to sew right away (right away is six months late), there are these two things which have been cut out and are waiting for me.  These are first on the list.  The red polka dot is basically set up to be a dress but I think will end up being more of a tunic.  I think I will wear it more often that way.  After a summer with a dress, I find that unless it is deadly hot, I am not really a dress person.  I worry to much about the wind taking the skirt to flight to be really comfortable.  

And this sweet buffalo check is for Cassie who has waited so patiently.  

And then I had my breakfast, and got right down to sewing.  I did all the hard bits first.  The collars, the cuffs, everything that needed interfacing or was fussier to deal with.  It was unimaginably nice to have the ironing board right there just an arms reach away from the sewing desk. I had that at my house but since moving, it has not been possible to do no matter where I lived. Until this set up, ironing was in the hall or in the other room, so I tended to make a pile of bits and then iron the seams.  This way I could work so much more sensibly.  Sew.  Iron, Finish.  

All that remains that is a bit of a challenge is the back yoke or the shirt and the mystery burrito roll.  Like a lot of things, new sewers give things new names but the technique is the same as ever.  It's just that it is decades since I sewed a shirt designed for this.  I went and watched videos about doing it correctly and then did some knitting for the rest of the afternoon.  

And knitting I did.  After Monday's efforts and the late afternoon and evening knitting of yesterday, there are only two sets of arms left to go!

Today, I get to do it all over again! Only today I get to visit with some of my knitting peeps.  I am looking forward to that. 

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