Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Heinous jobs

I am doing a truly horrid job that is not done nearly often enough.  I am cleaning what is effectively my junk drawer.  Only it isn't a junk drawer, it was a junk closet.  

It had all the hallmarks of a junk drawer.  Bits from screwdrivers.  Loose nails and screws.  Parts from picture hanging kits.  Felt pads for chair legs.  A couple random pieces of sandpaper, partly used.  A huge box of old vhs tapes.  And an explosion of screw drivers.  

What is an explosion of screwdrivers you ask?  That is when the kit with every sized screwdriver and every style of bit known to mankind, once given to you as a gift by a gentleman who never returned my screw driver bits, bursts the seams on its bag and takes up an entire shelf in said junk closet.

I have always kept my tools in a sensible toolbox but because I am no longer the only person using it and using the tools, things are never put back in the same way.  The landlord likes having stuff up here at hand when he can't find his stuff in the garage and, slowly, his tools pile in too.  I kept telling him that I needed the closet for linens, but tools and junk just kept piling in.  I stopped caring a couple of years ago.  I just gave up.  

I let the beds stay layered in all the blankets and tossed all the pillows on too. My extra room, was guest room, kids playroom and storage for some of my craft thing too.  And it didn't do any of those jobs well.  Even the blanket layered bed was a bit of a pain when people did stay.  

I am done with that and as I said was reclaiming my space.  I am reorganizing it all just a bit differently than before.  Reclaiming my linen closetwas step one.

It was a heinous job, but it is done.  It will go much faster from here on.  

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