Friday, 17 September 2021

Change is hard.

The changing of the work is going fine.  Really well in fact.  However, the blogging in the
Evening, not so much.  I took photos.  I put them up ready to blog around them.  I went to my computer in my room aaaaaaaaand

Yeah.  I couldn't get to it till I moved a few things and if I moved them, it meant the computer needed to move too.  So I did that and promptly forgot about writing.  

Today is a other day.  I shall try again.

I did knit a couple hours yesterday.  I keep working on this because she will want to use it very soon.

I really love this.  I cannot say that enough.  The only other thing I am looking for is a fingerless glove pattern to match.  

Momma will get a pair.  Marcus will get a pair.  But that will be next week.  

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