Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Just a few

Just a few words on the shawl before I talk about the little green top tomorrow.  I am so close.  I took it a few rows closer yesterday and now have only the stitches between these two orange markers to do before starting the corner shaping.  

The blu marker you see farhter away is a marker that is acting as a holder, keeping a bit of the fabric of the edging attached to the fabric of the shawl to take some of the stress off the starting few rows of the edging.  It really doesn't show the start because of how it is pinned but it gives you and idea.  

There is a fair bit of knitting to happen on thes countable stitches since some of the rows joining edging to shawl are doubled with two sets of rows for one stitch off the shawl and sometimes three.  It varies to keep the excess out but gives enough extra rows that the corner can stay shapely and travel fully around the corner without any stress of stretch needed to makle it all happen.  Estonian women were pretty crafty.  

Estonian you say?  Yes.  It is a shetland shawl in that it is being made of shetland yarn from the Shetland Islands, and the lace border and centre are Shetland based things.  The edging is undetermined origin but is very much in keeping with the Shetland Tradition.   It is only the way that I am attaching the edging to the lace border that is after something I found in Knitted Lace of Estonia, and which I am sure would have been used by Shetland women had they met an Estonian knitter back in the day.  

I did not knit on the green top yesterday.  In truth I did not do much of anything.  the air quality from fires all around us is bad and I felt headachy and sluggish all day.  It affects the kids too.  We are all just a bit on edge, and yesterday, grandma did not have the strength to find something to keep us busy.  The only person in worse shape than me was Uncle Keith and he was wiped from work.  So that is all I am going to say about the green top.  It looks like a no nothing little top, but seriously, it is very clever in the way it gets to look like a little nothing sort of top. Very clever.

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