Monday, 22 February 2021

The Simple Way to Socks

If you can knit a garter stitch square, you can knit a sock.  

All my socks start with this toe because it fits my stubby toes the best.  The general sock toe that most people make is a star toe, but that is too long for my foot. 

The beauty of the garter stitch toe is that it fits nicely on almost every foot because it stretches  and stays snug and conforms to your toe.  Which is exactly what a sock needs to do.  And if you start with a garter stitch toe, you can knit a sock.  

If your foot is very wide, start with a 17 stitch wide garter square.  A man's foot will fit this unless he has a wide foot as will and very wide woman's foot.  If you have an average woman's foot start with a 16 stitch square or a 15 stitch square. 

So cast on and knit the same number of garter ridges as your cast on number of stitches.  It will probably look just the smallest bit long but thats fine.  At the end of the 16th ridge, take a third dpn pick up and knit 16 stitches along the side.  I use the stitch at the top of the outermost garter ridge.  You are now at your cast on edge.  Takd a fourth needle and pick up and knit 16 stitches there and do it all again with the last needle of your set down the last side.  

Your toe should now look a bit like this.  

After this, you simply keep knitting around and around stopping nowhere, turning nowhere.  Just keep knitting.  The tube forms as you go and if you knit that tube twelve inches long, you will fit an average woman's foot.  Knit a top ribbing and use a stretchy bind off, or do your regular one, nice and loose, and you have a sock.  Do it again and there is a pair of tube socks.  

If you like longer socks go longer.  If you like short ones, and have a size seven foot go shorter, ten inches, like me.  

The other brilliant thing about these socks is that if somewhere down the road, you would like a heel, you can add an Elizabeth Zimmermann afterthought heel.  

Also, if you are in rural Alberta, like me, check into Telus Smart Hub service.  It delivers great service.  I have no idea what the cost is though, but the service is out there.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi Needles,

Thank you so much for the instructions on the tube sock. I am going to start working on them. I've never done these before or tried the afterthought heel but will investigate this. You're a godsend. It's hard to believe that they start from a single square. I have a feeling these will make great take along projects. It will definitely up the numbers in my sock drawer.

In relation to our Internet connection. We have tried various options in relation to internet access and providers in our area over the years. We do have a Telus Smart Hub, but unfortunately, it does not provide the same service for those of us who are at a long distance from their towers. In towns judging from my extended family they work quite well, for those of us at a distance from towns and cities not so much. My neighbours all have the same issues we do, snow, rain and even wind block the signal and drops connection at any time. During harvest when the combines are going full force there is no point in even trying to get anything through. Their is no consistent connectivity. Often we have to wait to view or send email's until is fully working so check periodically or it just freezes and locks. I have at various times had to check during the day to no avail and then send an email at 1:30 am. None of our banking, taxes or purchases can be dealt with on-line. We have to do our banking in person and our accountant handles any requirements we may have.

I'm going to show mum your "The Simple Way to Socks" she'll get a real kick out of 'the starting with a square' process. She lives in town so I'll take my laptop along when I visit and she can view the pics which she really loves doing.