Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Time to farm

Yes it is time to farm. Eventually the new place will be a retirement home, but it will also be a retirement project.  It will give us something to work together on, to play together on and just to have a little bit of fun with.  Its a good investment besides.  

And though we were starting to wonder, spring showed up! You saw our Easter Sunday photos.  This is a week later.  

out the front door
out the back door
And most revealing of the enormous change, 

the site of the Easter egg hunt.

When it decides to go, it goes.  No whimpering allowed.  The weather has been decidedly springlike, coolish, windy, but no heavy overnight frosts.  The ground is warming rapidly.

Though I did knit yesterday, I did not knit much.  I had lunch with my favourite knitters, I spun with a friend, I stopped at the yarn store, but it just wasn't a knitting sort of day.   

My plan for today is to get the Shetland Shawl to a knit row before lunch, do some housework, and then head to town for errands and knitting where I will knit 1 row.   

It is time to farm. It is time to go play in the sunny open fields.  It is time to wake up this lovely shady yard.   

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Brenda said...

Oh My Gosh! You live in a beautiful spot!