Monday, 25 April 2011


What an absolutely gorgeous day we had yesterday. We sipped margaritas on the back deck.
Though the snow pile is still distressingly large, the sun was warm.  Really warm. Whenever we have a big dinner around here, the back decks  serves as the big fridge.  It normally works great but this year...
We had to keep the sun off them.   

We tried to have an Easter egg hunt. 
Hint:  look for the dark spots in the snow.  

A little bit of a closeup.  At first we thought wow, this is really silly,  but because the eggs were dyed darkly, and the sun was very warm, the eggs rapidly sank out of sight and serious digging went on to recover the eggs in time for dinner.  

It was so warm that after a short debate, we decided to get out of the sun and away from the ants (who have no source of food right now but  our food) to eat our Easter brunch.  
The two missing members of our family are sitting right there, kind of quiet in the chair in the corner.  See the picture taped to the chair? They did not eat much but they were great listeners!

While we were waiting for brunch, we noticed this.  
 For all the snow is still here at Chez Needles, the poplars don't seem to care.  They will make leaves anyway.  


Christine said...

It was a beautiful day, wasn't it! I love your Easter egg hunt.

Sandra said...

we have no snow, and our weather was stunningly gorgeous (regardless of what they were forecasting). The kids hunted eggs at the cottage, and had a blast, as did we while we watched them.

Nicole said...

Margaretas for breakfast...I'm there;)

Brenda said...

Margaritas on the deck sounds good to me. No snow left here and nice weather for sitting our - of and on - all weekend.

Anonymous said...

love the photo of them at easter brunch! that's awesome! We'll need to have our easter egg hunt out there one year - way more places to hide the eggs!