Monday, 2 May 2011

A farm weekend.

Ever since we became farm owners again, at least once a week, we head over and check things out.  It is reminiscent of the Sunday drives of my childhood. It is casual and relaxed with no defined purpose and no real goal. Instead of ice cream at the end, there is usually coffee at the beginning. It usually is the first thing we do on those laid back days.    

That is at an end now.  The ground is more or less dry and it is time to refine and set some of our plans and it is time to get to work.  

Before we could plant anything or work anything up, we had to decide where we would put a the yard and where we would situate the house. 

It will be somewhere out there.  Yup.  Good decision.  Really definite looking.  

Its kind of hard to show in photos.  There really were a couple things to consider and look at.  Placement of the yard will determine style of the house, cost of putting in the yard, water, septic.  It may not look like a lot.  It may not show up in photos.  But with this one decision, a whole host of other things are settled.

Time to get to work on the garden.  It is time to play in the dirt.    


Brenda said...

Will this be your retirement home?

Anonymous said...

enjoy! GD