Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A couple of busy days

After a couple of busy days, this morning, I can finally sit still.  And I plan too.  I might even make some coffee later.  Coffee is a rare event these days.  

This afternoon might find me outside the house working on one flower bed, which seems to be dry.  

There is  only the Shetland Shawl to knit on and while it is good, it does not make for good knit blogging.  It occurred to me yesterday, that this might be as close as I ever come to knitting a pattern exactly as it is written.  Right number on the centre, right number on the mid-edging lace, and we shall see about the outer lace edging.  

This is a big shawl but it is such a pleasure to knit.  I love the yarn, I love the pattern, the needles are OK.  Its a great time to be knitting.

Updated:  Oh yes there will be coffee.  There is a new Savvy Girls podcast!

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