Thursday, 18 October 2007

Socks for SS's mom.

I worked last night for a little bit on the socks for the new heel, but I had to put them aside. I really have to get another set of 3mm needles to work with the active stitches on 4 needles instead of the lowly 3.

It seems though I learned on 3 needles, I am no longer capable of it. I have no idea how to set the darn things so the other needles isn't in the way. There is always something poking me. Shameful really, but one more set of 3's and I'll have my 4th and some to spare.

I spent the evening working on these for SS's mom. She got home in time to try them on for fit, and man are they impressive.

Nice high calf, Simple design running straight as an arrow down the leg, a really cool heel, and nothing loose or flabby anywhere. Of course this is the girl with the morphing foot. Who knows what will happen when she tries them on so I can be sure that the foot length is absolutely correct. Maybe her mom's foot morphs?!! Oh the horror.

Anyway, I am utterly pleased with how these turned out. Gosh darn it I enjoy the heel flap and gusset. There really is something mystic about turning a heel, and it tells me that I am really going to enjoy the toe up version of a heel gusset. Can't wait.

Still waiting in the wings, quite patiently, is this lovely yarn. Just before we left, I played a little with it. I want to make a large scarf, or a small shawl. I will have 900 metres of yarn or there abouts, and I really hope that will be enough. I'm going to make it quite simple, just stockinette, I think. My plan is to work two rows in the Anne yarn, and then to do 2 rows in the plain green. I want to work a fancier border in the plain dark green. What pattern the edging will be is going to take some research, and probably should wait till I see the completed shawl. Is the plain knit going to look busy, is it going to show off the lovely Anne yarn well? Is it wanting a pointy edge? A wave? A shell? Crochet?

There are some fantastic resources from antique sources on the net, and there are some great modern patterns too. So many things, so little time.

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