Tuesday, 25 September 2007

More Stash

As promised, more stash. Looking in the sock yarn bag really lifted my spirits after a sad day yesterday.

I realized something. Here look at this. This is the yummy, yummy Schaefer Yarn - Anne. Its a hand painted merino, mohair, and nylon mix, sturdy enough for socks, 560 yds to a skein. Its hard to see it, so try this photo.See the green Regia in the background? See how the colours work together. I almost couldn't breathe when I noticed these laying there all innocent like, in the bag. 560 yards and 200 yds and 200 yds, I think I have enough for a small shawl.

I'm dreaming of something that I could wear at the office, to cover my upper back, with ends long enough to pin together in the front. Something more than a scarf that goes round one's neck, but less than a full blown shawl. It has to be small enough that I won't sit on the end, but large enough that if I pin it tie it or belt the fronts, they will stay in place.

It was a lovely possibility to wake up to. And then there was this. This is the Colinette Jitterbug, a wondrous, luscious rich blue. It looks only half as good in the picture as when you are sitting in front of it. I'm sure you can hear me sigh over this one. In a perfect world, I'd use it for something showier than socks, but at some point the yarn acquisition must stop. And I really do need those socks.

Just so you know, this stash growing affliction is not quite over. I had to order a coordinating yarn from Red Bird. See how the Sunset is out of stock? Yup that's me. I had to control myself in a big way, because I tell you the Redwood is calling my name too (its a very noisy yarn). I want something to use with the Peat (See yesterday's stash pictures). Peat has more colour in it than shows up here, and adding the pure streak of colour ought to look quite nice. I'm not certain what I am going to do with it, but it will be crocheted and it will be a wearable, be it sweater, short sleeved top, vest or cardigan.

GD, no rush, Sue good to meet you, and Gina, are you really sure you want me to lead you astray? I tell you its an awful thing, this sock compulsion, but I was once just an ordinary crocheter, who saw this, made a few pairs, and loved them. I won't even tell you about these, or these. (shakes head sadly) No Gina, I won't lead you astray, not at all.

Seriously, these are all surprisingly easy, and are lovely soft and have a yummy thick warmth to them. The crocheted socks that I have will always be my number one choice for fireside socks, and those really chilly winter days. There will be more.

I'll leave you with this, the almost complete scarf, of Patons Classic and Zitron Loft. Did I mention how much I am enjoying both these yarns?

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Gina said...

O.k...I love the purple cabled socks. And that sock book...next time I get a 40% off coupon, I will buy it. And as for that scarf....looks oh so warm!