Wednesday, 17 October 2007

My Dad's Socks

I made some socks for my mom and dad (this is the only post with both of their socks) and delivered them to my sister a few weeks back. I've been meaning to call and see how they fit. It's a 'round 2 it' that just has not gotten done. I got an email from my sister today. Here is what she said.

"Dad said he hadn't even tried them on.
They are too much of a treasure for him to even try on. He went to get them and came out with a pair of mitts as well as the socks. I don't know if you ever knew about the mitts.

They are quite a dark brown wool. Really very nice. He said Grandma S gave them to him (and it sounds like to at least all the sons-in-law) for Christmas one year. Mom and Dad guessed it would have been sometime in the 70's. Grandma had spun the wool and knit them. He said he caught Mom wearing them so they've been washed once, and only once. They are, just like the socks, in his words "too much of a treasure" to wear.

And then he also has a pair of really soft leather steerhide gloves that he keeps in his winter jacket pocket all the time. They were Grandpa D's last pair of gloves and while Dad doesn't wear them that often they are always rolled up in his pocket. They've obviously been used but are in great shape for the age they are."

Thanks Dad. I'm honoured that you would think that. Its so sweet, it made me cry. Grandma made handmade socks when she was tired and her hands were work worn and chapped. She did it because that was the only way people got socks for most of her life. A gift from someone who knew the work of socks is a treasure. For mine to be classed with hers means a lot.

But your feet are often cold and I want you to have warm snuggly feet. I will knit more. Many more.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to say he tried them on while I was there, just for a minute, and they were quite a good fit. GD

Gina said...

How cute is your Dad.