Monday, 24 September 2007

I live a rich fantasy life.

I live a rich fantasy life and have a accumulated a fair number of imaginary friends.

I'm not really sure why it started, these imaginary friendships, but I posted something on the blog of a writer whose work I enjoy, and others posted, and soon we were posting comments not just addressing the comments of the blogger, but back and forth to one another. I guess you see the same things on a lot of blogs, but most blogs back and forth is arguing and disputes. Achenblog was simply different. Sure we gripe back and forth, and sometimes have strong disagreements, but there is a general air of civility at Achenblog that does not exist other places in blogland. We laugh far more often than we gripe, and no matter what else happens, we still respect each other in the morning.

Some months ago one of our imaginary friends let us know that he was ill, and some time later, we came to know that he was terminally ill. Error Flynn was the recipient of a fairy door from the boodle, and I was honoured to be included in the gifting. He is part of every stitch I take and will forever be a prayer on blankets and prayer shawls that I make. Our differences matter not, it was our commonalities that made us friends, and made me wish to give him comfort.

As several other boodlers have said, I too have the vision of my friend Bob, imaginary and oh so very real to me, stopping on his way through the Fairy Door to Forever Land, taking one look back, doffing his hat rakishly, bidding us a fond farewell till we meet in the next great adventure.

Error Flynn in 08.

I salute you.