Monday, 24 September 2007

So onward we go.

Recall if you will the new stash additions. Here are some partial pictures of the new yarns. (Isn't the green stupendous? I desire more of it. I have plans.)

I think the peat will companion nicely with another of the same line, Boysenberry perhaps.

Further to these few and sundry pictures, insert photo of lovely Anne yarn in it's gorgeous earth tone, insert lovely Blue Jitterbug, insert photo of new and improved look of the sock yarn stash, insert close up of the purlpleness of the purple cone. I deleted those pictures as I was making space on my photo card for new photos from the anniversary party.

I did not succumb to the new Blue Moon yarn, but decided to work on sock feet for the Tree of Life Cable socks I plan for son3 and lovely bride. One foot of her socks are done, and the other close to it. This evening I need to check on the size of the foot I am making. The Kroy yarn demands a different size needle than what I have been doing socks with (3 mm rather than 2.25 mm) and I have a sudden concern for gauge and oh dear, how huge should the foot of this sock be?

On the very upside, all the previous socks have been delivered. Sister GD has tried hers on, and has professed to liking them, as I knew she would. She will take the other pairs over for mom and dad to try on. Mom, dad, try them on and let me know if there needs to be any adjustments to make them a perfect fit.

Do you need more room as you slip the sock on as your foot gets to the heels? Is the ankle baggy? How does the arch fit? Do you prefer anything snugger, looser? Longer? shorter? If the fit is really bad, let me know the adjustments, and you can then pass on the existing pair to someone who it will fit, and a new pair will be custom fit and will follow shortly.

They are super wash, all of them, some containing cotton, and they all contain nylon for strength. They can be washed and dried in cool water and even warm water, just not on hot, in your machines. They improve in the washer, becoming thicker and more cosy each time.

A sock is a small thing, not difficult but still fraught with challenge. It is a very mundane thing, but like many mundane things, the time invested in the making of it, is me giving each of you, mom, dad and sister, a hug. Think of me and of warmth and comfort when you wear them.


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

LOVR your stash and blog and BEAUTIFUL work! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~clicked over from the 'Ville!

Gina said...

With all this talk about socks....what do I have to do to get a pair of these?????

Anonymous said...

Attempted delivery last night but didn't connect. Will try again tomorrow. GD