Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Of Fairy Doors and Special Things

Some days you find joys in unusual places, and things with so much meaning that its hard to speak. Today is such a day.

I have a friend

who I don't know

His house is in my village though.

MinxterBlooms knows all about fairy doors and how tiny doors open pathways to Forever Land. Some ripples begun with one small word in friendship and laughter echo in hearts forever.

Last evening was quiet work-wise. I spoke with the Girl about a scarf and there is no need, but I can see the yarn working well for mitts, but secretly I'm thinking a bag. I've worked up a small sample to felt and am going to see how the 2 yarns work together. Do they felt at the same rate? If not, I'm still going to give it a go, but construction will happen post felting.

Then again, coordinating scarves and neck warmers, might magically appear. A lot of things are magical. Maybe this will be one too.

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