Friday, 28 September 2007

I hab a code

So there was no knitting last evening, just sleep, and some drooling.

I debated about not posting but hey I have stuff, and stories behind it. So here you go, a picture from my study.Nothing fancy, but this is one of my favourite things I have ever done. Its just a simple crosstitch, notable for its size, about 2 ft by 3 ft. For its size, it was quick to work.

I have no idea anymore who published the design, but I do know I paid dearly for it, 8 bucks IIRC in 1989 or thereabouts. Look at the subtle shading of the smoky blues, look at the detail in the leaves. Its the only piece I've completed that ever came close to shading colour like the book with the poppies.

It started with 2 other smaller iris pieces, which were completed first. Sadly I needed a gift for a friend, framed them and gave the set away. The entire set was meant for my bedroom, which had soft blues accenting white at the time. This piece was finished and has never hung in my bedroom. All alone it wasn't quite enough, and somewhere in there we moved north to our current home, and well, you know how it goes. Things meant for one place find alternate places in others. It lived in a closet for a while and then in our master bath. It was decommissioned for a few years to the laundry before finally being restored to prominence in my study.

Its not perfectly mounted, just taped to the back of the mat, and stuck in the frame, I keep thinking one day...

It's soft blue reminds me of my silly blue and white china collection and how that came to be, it reminds me of a wonderful needlework store, Barbra Christie's Needle Arts (I cried when I was in there the last time before we moved. They aren't around longer but they were fine.), it reminds me of my mom.

My mom is a lady to her core and for most of my life she has had blues in her bedroom. Soft blue is ladylike, gracious, and comforting. It gives a room a delicate air when used as an accent colour, and its wonderful to wake up to.

I'm certainly not a ladylike sort. No delicacy in this burgh but for the string things. I'm not sure why the blue became my bedroom colour. It was likely something simple like the catalogue had these seriously fine toppers for my white sheers, and I found blue lamps to match. That does sound like me.

Way back when, the blue fit perfectly with my bedroom, and I fell in love with a project enough that it endures and I love it still. Enjoy.

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