Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Embroidery Found

This weekend as I was resting my hands, I thought about all the projects I have done over theses many years. I happened to be in my main bathroom gathering laundry and saw the bunch of orange poppies in the corner in a tall vase. They reminded me of a poppy picture I've been working on for that room. I haven't thought of that work in several years.

This is the most beautiful needlework book I own. The Secret Garden in Cross Stitch by Thea Gouveneur. It rates a Double Treble, maybe even a triple double treble. It is a what the heck are you reading this post for, you should be buying this luscious book sort of good. It is one of those books that even if you never did anything from it, would be a pleasure just to look at once in a while, to contemplate the loveliness of her designs.

The author's website TheaGouveneur.com shows many of her lovely designs, and lists 3 resellers in North America. There is a delicacy to her design that just takes your breath away.

Why has something so nice been left at the way side? Well it has problems. For anyone who has done any sort of counted thread work, the only real skill you need is the ability to count, which is, of course, the problem. There are several portions of the work, where it seems I forgot to count at all, much less count 1 or even 2. Its not like knitting where it all pulls apart in nice even rows. No. Unpicking an embroidered piece is nitpicking work. It takes a great deal of determination not to just toss the the thing and start all over.

This work I haven't even found the error. It is buried so deep and might go back to the very origins of the first stitch placed on the fabric. One day I will tackle it and decide one way or the other to toss it and start over, or to embrace it's flaws and work on. Just not today.

Today is for socks that are finally working out. I knit a lot last night, taking sock one for dad, past its peasant heel line to the blessedly unthinking stockinette stitch foot, and taking the ribbing (there's nothing wrong with that part so no ripping the ribbing) from the first sock, started the knit 3, purl 2 repeat, and worked in pattern for a couple of inches.

In a way, my day job is very good for my hands. Restful even!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a gorgeous picture that if you decide to rip, I'll come and rip for you if you identify the error. GD