Monday, 1 October 2007

Weekend full of work

Whew, It feels like I am coming up for air. I cleaned various portions of the house, and did a pile of laundry. I'm not good at laundry. I leave it in the washer and forget about it more often than I get it to the drier. I'm not one of those people who can do a load a day. I do the orgy of laundry weekend, and that was this weekend. Thankfully the study is right near it, so much, much work happened.

I finished the sweater. Put on the sleeves, did the collar, did the finishing. It was looking great. And then I tried it on. The sleeves are too short, and tight around my upper arm. Everything else fits fine, but I'm not quite sure what I am going to do about the sleeves. The particular construction of the armscye, means that any sensible repair means going back down on all pieces and making the upper bodices longer, and the sleeve inset wider. I'm sorry but I'll make a vest first before I do all that. I'd have to come up with an gusset piece, to give me the ease I need, while not looking odd or weird. Because of the very textured stitch, I think I can fudge it with some success. Back to the drawing board, and the sleeves came off this morning. The vest is looking like a great idea. Maybe after some more coffee...

To console myself, I thought that I would try winding yarn from my new swift (I'll talk about that tomorrow), but to to an over eager me, we have KNOTS. Not really knots, I stopped before it got too bad, and Mr Needles came and held it for me as I slowly wound it inch by freaking inch in and out around, and through, into a ball. After 2 hours of that he rebelled, and the rest will happen tonite. He promised.

So to console myself over that disaster, I did this (you're thinking, finally pictures)

I'm not happy with the little patterns stitch I figured out. I did a decrease and yo in each row and I should have had a plain knit row in between. I do like the way a pattern adds just a little dimension to the brilliantly coloured Rhode Island Red medium weight from Blue Moon Socks That Rock. I don't care for the uprights of the pattern at all. It looks sloppy. They won't be repeated. I'm also not going to repeat the change in direction of the patterns, unless I can figure out why my yarnovers are less successful one way than the other.

Annie Modesitt is coming to Edmonton in November and I am scheduled for some workshops with her. I hope to gain some insight into my knitting kerfuffles. I have learned so much, but it is time to bring in an expert.

I also have an invite to a private program with Jane Ellison. And dad-gummit, I'm going to have to turn it down. Apparently I am taking some vacation.

I should be off today already but the boss changed our day of leaving. Stuff to do says he and there is indeed. Vacation at this point seems so surreal that I am debating not canceling till the day I don't have to work, but that would not be fair. I know there will be other devoted knitting people would love the opportunity to go. I'll be sorry to miss it, in a very big way and the boss will hear about it if this vacation become virtual.

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Gina said...

Too bad about the sweater's sleeves. I am dying for some pics of that piece of work. I think a class with Annie would be fabulous. I am taking my first knitting class on Thursday nights. Can't wait!!!