Thursday, 27 September 2007

Finished! Calorimetry and scarf

I'm really pleased with how these pieces turned out. Calorimetry is a project I'd do again. Small enough to do in one sitting, and the short row work, makes it interesting, a nice and very different project than socks. The scarf is plain Jane, but I just couldn't leave the leftover yarn sitting there now could I? (Note: Great photo of the fireplace. Too bad more of the scarf didn't appear. A dozen pictures, and this one was the only clear one.)

Girl, whose proper name is SS, says it feels like it should be tighter. If she keeps feeling this, we may yet felt it a little. I'd also consider making it with a less stretchy yarn. I'd like to see how it would turn out in a cotton or linen, sized to fit more closely, not counting on the stretch of the fabric for the fit.

It was really nice to work a few rounds on socks this morning, and I did a whack of squares on the blanket. I calculated the size based on the 6 inch square size, and it seems I am a quarter done. Obviously, less than I thought, and it is time to bust my buns. I'm not working it together as I go. I don't mind the putting together later, for the same reason I didn't mind working in all the ends on the scarf. It feels just like embroidery to me!

As I worked on the scarf last night, I did have a wave of longing for an embroidery needle and some linen, or even cotton fabric. It has nothing to do with the tea towels Mary Maxim has in its catalogue, which it probably always had, but I never noticed before. (Of course I would not use the paints, but do them in the way it was done when I was a girl, like this.) It has nothing to do with checking out Nordic Needle for the first time in a while. It has nothing to do with the fact that they carry things like this or this , and even this . And then there is the Blackwork , that I am wanting to try.

No it's not that at all.

I'll have to do some before vacation to take the edge off.


Anonymous said...

Socks have been delivered. Dad was here when I got home so I sent them with him. You may want to phone, especially for Mom's as I didn't remember all that I was supposed to pass on. Those tea towels look just like Aunty L would have worked on when we were young. Are you sure she didn't have those patterns? Your stash is lovely - gorgeous colors. GD

Anonymous said...

Oh, what was I thinking. The ones of the birds, the 6 day week are of course like Aunty L's. They're from the 60s. GD

Needles said...

Did you check out the price of transfer patterns at May Maxims? 62 bucks for a set, a huge set, albeit, but still 62 bucks. Jeezy Peezy.