Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Results of Man Tools

A couple weeks ago, I posted about adventures with man toys.

If you looked at the original blog item, you know the state of the first support post. It got worse from there. A lot worse. Only the last post had actual wood post still touching the pile. The two central posts only contained archaeological evidence of what may have been wood at some time past.

The concrete slab under the deck was doweled to the house. The deep freezing of winter, tended to push the slab up in winter and down in summer (or is it the other way around) resulting in bad things for the front entrance area, and even worse things for the upper deck.

So along with rebuilding the posts, Mr. Needles has now removed all of the concrete, and prepared for a new floor.

This is the lovely result.

It's positively porch-like.

Next summer, we will finish the decking all the way along the house.We'll do a decking walkway to the garage too (right now it's concrete pads - serviceable but really ugly), which means we will have to rework the stairs beside the house. Which means the flower beds there will need redoing. Which means its going to need some lawn repair. Which means that while we are repairing the lawn anyway, we might as well just redo the whole lawn to the west because it's just one big weed fest really.

Which is OK because what I haven't shown you, or talked about is what we are doing to the big lawn on the east side. It would break a man's heart.

I believe there are good things you can do with broken up concrete and I have all winter to convince Mr. Needles.

**No needlework was slowed by the above processes. I'm not allowed near power tools or machinery, with good reason. My job is to stay as far away as possible**


Kerric said...

Looks good Momma

Gina said...

Looks fabulous. I love the deck.