Monday, 30 July 2007

Man Toys

Occasionally, the Needles household does things that have nothing to do with needles. I know, its hard to believe. This weekend was all about man toys.

We ignored the problem with our upper deck because there were other more urgent things to do. And then one day,it was the decks turn.

First you bring in man toys.

Then you find a skilled operator, who works for beer, in this case, Mr. Needles brother.

Then you close your eyes, because you really don't want to know how bad it is.

The deck support column is hanging above the ground about a foot and a half. (I felt a little woozy looking at this. I have plants I watered up there. Friday...)

Then very skilled husbands, do something about it. One down, three more to go. I'm pretty lucky that Mr Needles has a complete background in construction, and has access to all the cool toys.

I was in charge of keeping out of the way. I'm very good at this. Its a skill I learned a long time ago. I had my own work anyway. Its a dirty job but someone has got to do the needlework around here.

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