Thursday, 16 August 2007

What to do, what to do

Its been many months since I began carrying my work bag , first shown here, to the office. In all its glory, that 'puppy' has accompanied me these many miles, and been a short term home to many projects. It has occasionally functioned as my purse. Looking cool while carrying a Canadian beer cooler bag is hard but fulfilling work.

There have been only two occasions where the bag or one of the others, did not accompany me and both times, it was a grave mistake.

I had company coming for dinner, so I wanted to leave early, and didn't bother grabbing the bag. My work yesterday required the participation of someone else's server. That equipment was not cooperating. About lunch time I pretty much gave up on the process, and reached for my bag, to do a little something to take the edge off, as Yarn Harlot would say... only the bag wasn't there.

I had an hour free, with no plans, and no where to go (I'm still on the yarn embargo even if I did just pick up a little sock yarn to tide me over while searching for some needles), no one to have lunch with. I was so miffed at myself, that I could not even settle down to read my ultra emergency backup novel, currently John LeCarre's The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.

I'm wondering if I should make an emergency emergency needlework pack to keep at the office. Some small simple, no pattern required, one skein type project that I could have on hand for days when I am stupid enough to leave my bag at home. Like socks. Or a little embroidery. A little kit would work well. Maybe a little doily, or dresser scarf with a simple pattern repeat, filet crochet perhaps.

The idea has some merit. Cause this whole sitting around for an hour with nothing in my hands pretty much made me nuts. Thank heavens for the Internet.


Anonymous said...

Washcloths, dishcloths. They're small, portable, easy - even if you make a mistake, who cares - it's a dishcloth!

I finished the washcloths for my sister. One is really a mess - I ran out of string 2 stitches from the end, and halfway through I was doing slip stitches instead of single crochets at the end of rows - but I don't think she'll notice. (And it's only a washcloth!) Now I have to box them up and get them in the mail.

Love the deck - Mr Needles does great work, too.


L L L said...

Why, oh why, do you not have this blog hyperlinked on your blog? It's a wonderful companion piece: