Friday 21 June 2024

What is it with the Tolsta Tee?

What is it with the Tolsta Tee?  


It is a simple knit. Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Comforting really.  Yet I cannot get it out of my head.  I am about 80 % done Tolsta 2 and you know what is in my head?  Yarns and Tolstas.  Making more Tolstas.

I have some dark blue Butterfly Cotton that seems to have fallen out of my stash bins and I know that I have a skein of a rich Persian red that would look great with it.  It wold make the most wonderful, versatile striped top.  A Tolsta would look so good to wear with my new blue skirt.  

That is the magic of knitting designs.  Something strikes your fancy and it can be the most fun you had in a long time.  

I have so much waiting for me.  So much else to knit.  I have that gorgeous Midknit Craving London Fog yarn to knit an Anyday Sweatshirt.  There is the glorious yellow Folklore sweater I am making with the tiny spots of greens and yellows and blues.  There is some seriously wonderful Isager Spinni just calling my name only the teeniest bit louder than the Einband in my stash.   

Tolstas magical stripes are beguiling me and making me dream of ever more Tolstas.  I don't know what I will get up to next, but it sure is going to be fun.

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