Monday 20 November 2023

Leftovers and WIPs

In the continuing saga of blankets,  these are the two bags containing the last of the Sock Monkey Cabin Bankets.   I am including the link here because if you haven't made one yet, and you are interested, don't say I didn't warn you, but they are addictive.  It's hard to stop.

I knit a few rows on this on Friday.  It didn't feel quite right.  

This is the bag of leftovers from all the bright Blanket Brights for all five of Scott and Amy's boys. There is also a full ball of School Bus Yellow, a full ball of Race Car Red and a full ball of white that are not shown here.

This is the bag of leftovers from Marcus' blanket.

I have tons of yarn left to make sweet Jane a blanket too.  Jane is Amy's sister's daughter and she shares my birthday, which we think is pretty cool.  The Sock Monkey Cabin that is on the needles is for her mom and dad, so it is only right to make a blanket for her too.

I decided to go with the Larksfoot blanket .  All these various ends will work together well using a pattern that is all about merging and blending rows.  Plus it is a fun crochet pattern to work.

Picking the colours as I go is such a fun way to work.  Its like making a monster sock (scrap yarn socks) only with chunkier yarn.  I love these bright colours and am really going to miss them when they are gone.  Sort of but not really?  I feel very ambivalent about it.  I love the colour and the way the fiber feels but I am not going to miss the weight of the yarn.  It was hard to put down and I ended up doing much more than I had thought I would.  Saturday and Sunday I had to give my hands a bit of a break.  

I worked on a sock WIP Friday evening.  My hands were tired but I just needed to knit.  I finished sock one Saturday afternoon and I am really pleased with it.  

During the racing I did pick up and put down the sock off and on and made a fair bit of progress.

Is it possible that I will get two pairs done this year?

And then I knit on my lovely lovely version of Laura Aylor's Sun Dogs in the Comfort Sport in the Pesto and Kelp colourways from Midknit Cravings.

I tried to show you this garment hanging so you could see just how stunning it is going to be but I just couldn't  do it.  This is best photo but it doesn't do it justice.  Though I did the top of the sweater quite differently from the pattern, the entire inspiration is Sun Dogs.  And that gorgeous Kelp colourway trim along the edge?  I would love to do a whole sweater in the greens.  It is so rich looking.  I am going to love this sweater.  

I am going to push on the blankets, though and save the sweater and socks for evening knitting.  I just would love to get all the blankets done.  They have been fun, but I have so many more things I want to do.  The ideas are piling up in my head and the seams are bursting.  I can't wait to pop the ideas and the projects and the beautiful yarns in my stash out into the world.

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