Monday 18 September 2023


So much progress!   The sweater is almost as long as it needs to be before I do the Sun Dogs pattern interesting hem finish. It is proof that progress happens even when all you can do is a row or two a day.

 I am going for twelve inches plus the hem finish, which is four inches wide.  It will be a little longer than the pattern calls for but I haven't really been following the pattern very much.  The yoke construction is different, the body is more a line shaped so a little longer is probably the smallest of all my adjustments.   Still, I am so inspired by the clean simple and oh so interesting look of the details of this sweater.  It is all about the hem finishes for me.  All the rest is just adapted so my brain could cope and so it fits me.  

I can't wait to wear this.  And I am so looking forward to getting my wonderful yellow sweater Folklore into full knitting production and to knitting all the other wonderful things in my head.

My hands are feeling good and the only thing that is stopping me from spending the whole day working with this beautiful MidKnit Cravings yarn at all is the sewing that needs doing and the simple fact that I have a few more blankets to do in that big chunky Bernat Blanket.  

The goal for today is to get going on Carter's blanket and to work a bit on this pretty tweedy cozy sweater.

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