Friday, 14 January 2022

Acting like a three year old.

The first thing I picked up this morning was my sweater and very quickly, it was at the end of the ball of yarn.  I have two balls of Stellars Jay and one ball of Aulavik National Parks colourway remaining.  In my head, I like to keep a ball of yarn for each sleeve.  In this case,  I have striped sleeves so I need a ball of blue and a ball of the more multi Aulavik.  

It is complicated a bit by my wanting a bit more of just the Stellars Jay at the bottom than just the cuffs.  I am was going to weigh the yarns so I could make sure that I had the same amount available for each sleeve, but the battery is dead on my scale.  I will have to just wing it.

I am sure it will be fine. 

Maybe.  We all know how that goes.

I also wanted to show you my pretty cowl.  

I did not get very far along it yesterday.  I had a really long nap, as in I pretty slept the day away.  I also had a really good sleep last night so I figure one of two things is going on.   I am getting another cold or it is time to see my doctor to get an assessment done for depression.  

I am actually leaning towards the first of the two.  I have been struggling but a lot of that comes from being so very very tired.  Even to myself I sound like a toddler who has just been through too much. I had a good talk with myself yesterday evening about expectations and reality.  If I wasn't so tired lately, perhaps my ability to recognize when I am allowing my expectations to rule the world without allowing for a healthy dose of reality to be in play as well, would be better.  My prescription for myself is more naps.  And switching back to the slightly older blogging routine.  

If a week of focusing on intentional napping and tracking if I feel more myself in my world is not helping, then a visit to a health professional might be in the offing.  Maybe not even a doctor.  There are some great resources out there to help you through pandemic mental health issues.  And that is absolutely part of my struggles this year.  

For now, back to work on my sweater to get sleeve one underway and much more knitting before my nap.

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