Friday, 20 November 2020

That Giant Box

I am deeply frustrated.  The injury I did to my not working knitting hand, my left hand, is not improving.  This is because everything I do uses it.  Reading?  It holds the book.  Whoddathunkit.

The really frustrating part is that this means that instead of blasting through my blankets, as I had planned, I will be going slowly.  I hate slowly.  I hate it not because it is slow, but because of this.  

This box is 3 and a half blankets of yarn.  The only thing out of it so far is the two skeins I am currently using, one blue, one cream, to knit this first blanket.  Bits of yarn came from another ball  of cream but there was also stuff added such as the giant ball of red that will make many many Sock Monkey Cabin Blankets as well as the dark gray from another source for Scott and Amy's Sock Monkey Cabin Blanket.  

And that is the sorry truth of it.  Slowly means I have to crawl around this giant box of yarn longer than I planned to.  

When I talked about this box of yarn, the only yarn I talked about was for Sock Monkey Blankets, but there is something else in there for me. I think.  If I repeat myself, oops and I am sorry. Marcus and Cassie gave me some lovely royal blue yarn that Marcus picked out all by himself. In this giant box of Sock Monkey Cabin blankets to be, is also yarn to match that precious yarn from him to make a blue and white Friesland just for me. I have had the pattern for a good long while now and I await the challenge.  

And lest anyone feel the landlord would be slighted, nope.  I haven't decided if he will be a denim Sock Monkey Cabin or not.  It would mean getting more cream yarn for him. I know.  I am kept awake at night by the worry of this (not really) but I have some concerns about it because he has also asked me to knit him another sweater.  I'm thinking about it.  He wants that giant collar of the Brownstone again.

This first one was lost when his car was stolen some years ago.  The car came back.  The sweater did not.  I am debating about yarn choices and blanket first or sweater?

I can dream of knitting these things but first there are Sock Monkey Cabin Blankies to knit and some serious ssewing needs to be done.  Today is going to be all about figuring out how to hide the reality of the size of that giant box of yarn so it doesn't get in the way.  

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