Monday, 13 January 2020

Busy Days

So after a weekend of work, I have finished stuff

 A good sturdy WARM winter hat.  I made a little loop at the top so it could hang by the door.  It looks nice hanging there.  I was going to take a picture but he seems to be wearing it.  It's only -27 C this morning but his 12 minute drive to work is in a fairly cold vehicle.  A hat is nice.  It makes me very happy that he appreciates it.

And I got a bonus cowl.  I didn't need even an inch from the first ribbing  to finish the hat. Yay me.

I am also making some mittens.  

I am using the lovely brown heather from MacAusland's for these.  The 3 ply thickness knit firmly will make a great pair of snowblower mittens.  With a bit of a loop to hang the by the door near the hat.  

I'm sitting tight here at home the next few days.  It's just too darn cold.  I am going to knit on that blanket.  It is of a size that it covers my lap and that is perfect for a day like today.

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