Monday, 2 December 2019


My personal performance hasn't been great lately.  The last week or so, it has been downright pitiful.  I don't mean in knitting but in everything.  It is possible that this is going to be my version of the latest cold bug going around.  That happens sometimes. I get it but do not entirely succumb.  I just look lazier than usual and can only say I feel lacklustre.

But first, I want to show you where I am on my sweater.

It is really starting to look like something wearable.  As lovely as it is, knitting on this means I am not knitting on my coat, but oh well. It is proof that I am doing something, even if only a little.

I figure another two sections of the garter stripe pattern and then the ribbing and it will be just about perfect.  Then sleeves of course, but it all looks pretty good right now.

So how to get rid of the lacklustres, the grumps, the lassitude of the last while?  My usual fall back:  Stash Dive!  or I would but for one problem.  I can't get there.

My sewing area needs to be tidied.  There are boxes with fabric and bags with yarn and other assorted weirdness covering the floor.  That side of my room has been that place where stuff goes to be forgotten for the last while. There are boxes of yarn under the cutting table, there is a box of lace yarns under the sock yarn box, there are clean sweaters in very large bags that have been shoved on top of it all.  I mean to get in and tidy that, and then play in yarn today just for the heck of it.   

Things have become so disorganized lately and it is affecting the quality of my life.  So I am putting on an older sci fi series, Eureka and I am going to deal with it.  And if it takes as long as I think it will, then another oldie but goodie from my video collection, Warehouse 13. TV on, volume up.

But first coffee.  Because, well, coffee.

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