Thursday, 7 November 2019

A Colour Conundrum

I have a bit of a colour conundrum going on this morning.

I purchased some Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky a good long while ago intending to make some colourwork vests.  The urge to make that vest has long gone but the yarn remains. A few stash dives ago, I got the idea that they could be combined in different ways to do other things.  I had a cream and two blues that would work nicely in a sort of gradient sweater.

The lighter blue looks a little washed out here but it looks quite nice in real life. I like it, but...

It was when I was last organizing the stash and came across another yarn that was very similar in weight in a slightly different blue that I like even better, that the trouble began.

The yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Llama Silk.  It has 123 meters in 100 grams rather than the 100 meters in the Debbie Bliss.  Not a perfect match but I think it could work as long as I was careful to keep my gauge.

It would mean that the darkest colour would be a little more of an open fabric but I am not all that concerned by that.  What concerns me more is that this mildly less beefy yarn with a healthy amount of Llama fibre in it, would cause it to hang very differently than the other, particularly because it would be a slightly more open fabric.

I am debating if I should worry at all just yet.  These are the darkest colour and would be knit last in my plan.

These skeins were all wound up this morning just to get them off the sofa and ready to do a swatch.  While I did that, I also wound up a sein of very pretty Urth Worsted for another pair of wrist warmers using Cat Bordhi's wonderful designs. 

Isn't  it pretty? 

The work continues on the blanket and some knitting on my green jacket is the order of the day.

The rain in spain

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